Pulsatilla headache

Pulsatilla headache Homeopathy:

There are many medicines in Homeopathy to cure headaches. However, the head ache in pulsatilla is most specific. The unique expression of pulsatilla headache is mentioned in this article. Let us see the head pain symptoms that stand pulsatilla as specific remedy in Homeopathy.

Pulsatilla headache

The most characteristic head Pain symptoms of Pulsatilla Homeopathy:

  • Head ache in pulsatilla patient is wandering in nature. In fact, the pulsatilla head ache shifts from one place to another.
  • Another key point is the stitching type of head ache in pulsatilla.
  • Moreover, the headach in pulsatilla patient shifts to face and teeth.
  • Vertigo, in general, is the associated symptom in pulsatilla headache.
  • Pulsatilla headache usually relieves in the open air.
  • Frontal and Supraorbital pains that mean, front of the head and above the eye are affected areas in pulsatilla headache.
  • On the other hand, the head ache in pulsatilla is also neurological sometimes.

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Some more characteristics of Head pain in pulsatilla:

In general, the pulsatilla head ache starts from the right side temporal region. That is the pain starts from just in front of the ear on right side head. Here the key point is the watering of an eye on the affected side. In addition, the pulsatilla head ache increases with overwork or physical exertion. Pulsatilla patients especially feel a great pressure on the vertex with head problems. Therefore, pulsatilla headache associated with a sensation of heaviness on the top of the head.

In general, Head pain in the evening with a desire for cold open-air indicates pulsatilla Homeopathic medicine. Weeping, timid persons with headach usually need pulsatilla. Moreover, the head pain since the first menses guides us to use pulsatilla in Homeopathy. The point often overlooked in pulsatilla headache is thirstlessness. Pulsatilla patients with head pain take very little water or no water at all. For that reason, dryness of mouth without thirst always suggests pulsatilla for head pain.

Dosage of Pulsatilla for Head pain:

In fact, Pulsatilla 30c is the starting potency for head ache. on the contrary, pulsatilla 200c and 1m are the higher potencies for Head problems. As a result, Headache case needs these higher potencies, 200c and 1M, only when pain not relieved with pulsatilla 30c potency. Just two pills of any potency are enough to cure the long-standing headache permanently. However, dosage and potency must confirm with your Homeopathic Physician.


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