-Dr.Farokh J.Master.

The source of this remedy is a large black live Cuban Spider.


It is prepared by putting the live black Cuban spider into alcohol.

It was first introduced and proved by Dr. J. C. Howard.

Crude Proving and Poisoning Effects

It produces severe inflammation with green discoloration at the site of the bite and spreads along the lymphatics. Later the victim develops chill followed by fever, dryness of mouth, great thirst, trembling, dyspnoea and fear of death. There is also nausea, palpitation and severe stinging in urethra with hot scalding urine. It also produces twitchings and contractions of various muscles.

Clinical Utility

Chorea, especially of facial muscles (which is common to the order of Arachnida family).



Sphere of Action


Central Nervous System

Genito Urinary Tract.



Predominantly a right sided remedy.

Tremulousness constant motion of the whole body.

Restlessness constant motion especially of the hands and feet.


Red streaks along the lymphatics.


The characteristic mental state of Mygale is abrupt speech with restlessness, the patient is worse on waking. Like Bryonia, constantly talks of business with a strong fear of death. There are two polarities of extreme sensitivity on one end and feeling of hatred and revenge on the other.


Jerking of head more to right side throwing the head backwards and forwards with a jerk.

Dull frontal headache.


Constant twitchings of the muscles of the face with mouth and eyes opening and closing in rapid succession.

Constant contortions of face.

Face hot and flushed.


Dimness of sight with nausea.


Acute ear pain especially right sided between midnight and morning.


Tongue Dry, parched

Difficult to protrude

Coated brown.

Grating of teeth at night.

Speech difficult, jerking.


Nausea with strong palpitations

with dimness of vision

with general weakness.

Appetite decreased; more for dinner.

Aversion to food but (>) after eating.

Thirst excessive.

Urinary Organs

Urine increased, polyuria

hot, burning, scalding.

with stinging pain in urethra.

Male Sexual organs


Protracted gonorrhoea


Violent erections in male.

Respiratory Organs

Difficult breathing with desire for deep breaths.

Cardiovascular System

Strong palpitations.

With concomitant nausea


dimness of vision


Back and Extremities

Pain in the back extending around to the front.

Unsteady gait, dragging of feet while walking.

Constant motion of the whole body.

legs especially while sitting.

difficult to keep hands in same position even for a minute.

Difficulty in carrying the hand to the mouth with jerking of hands either downwards or over the head or over the side of the face.

Uncontrollable convulsive movements of the arms and legs. Twitching and jerking of muscles of one arm and leg usually right sided.

Limbs are quiet during sleep. Movements (

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