Medorrhinum 1m Homeopathic medicine for Irregular Menses – A case study

Medorrhinum 1m Homeopathic medicine for Irregular Menses – A case study

A 28 yrs old woman came to our clinic on 15 august 2010, complaining about irregular menses and weight gain for 2 yrs. She will get her menses for 3-4 months once and she even she gets if she uses the Allopathic medication. She is putting on weight and a double chin and increased appetite and excessive hair growth on chin. Hair is a loss on the scalp. Homeopathic medicine Medorrhinum 1m was given to cure her irregular menses in this case. Medorrhinum worked wonderfully.

Medorrhinum 1m Homeopathic medicine for Irregular Menses – A case study

Her menses are irregular, scanty, painful 1 day before menses, until the second day. Is irritated, mood swings before her menses, weepy, and depressed before her menses. Once flow started, she feels relieved.

Earlier she was 50 kg weight, now she is 65 kg. More fat accumulation on hips and tummy with double chin, even though she tried to reduce her weight she is not able to reduce a single kg.

Past and family history of the Women with irregular menses:

She suffered from typhoid at the age of 14 yrs. H/o Sinusitis since childhood, relieved by Homoeopathic medication. Family history: both the parents are Diabetic. Father has heart affections.

Physical generals of the women where Medorrhinum was prescribed for Irregular menses:

Physically, her appetite increased, wants to eat something or other, mostly junk food. She desires sweets, sour things. She has aversion to cabbage. Thirst is more, wants to drink cold water, cold drinks, even she gets cold with them. Bowels regular and urine are normal. Sleep is disturbed, takes a long time to sleep, and wakes up late with tiredness all over the body. Dreams of snakes, someone chasing her kind of dreams she gets. She is intolerant to cold weather compared to hot conditions. When she is anxious Sweats a lot, and on slight exertion, with an offensive smell. She feels better with discharges.

The mindset of the Women who suffered from Irregular menses:

Mentally, she is a coward, wants of confidence, and quite an anxious person. She hesitates to express her feelings. In childhood, she used to be brooding in nature and she used to feel inferior, as her sister is more expressive than she is and everybody praises her. She never used to express her feelings and she used to curse others in her mind and used to get wicked thoughts in her mind but she never expressed them.

To get appreciation from her parents, she was used to working hard in her studies and never likes to play with her age people. She feels that she was premature in her thoughts and she used to behave idiotically and cry a lot without reason. In addition, when her mother tries to ask her, she never opens to her. She said that she used to feel that her mother neglected her and she is more attached to her father than any other family member. Once she tried to behave normally, her relative insulted for some reason. Then onwards, she never talked to him and never entered into his house, in spite of many invitations.

She used to suppress her anger and her emotions, in her childhood. However, once she started earning money, she started showing her tantrums, she will behave on her own and she never listens to anybody. She cannot keep her relations properly. She left her school and college friends, after her education. The woman wants love and affection from others, for that matter, she used to date with many people, and if she felt that if others trying to dominate her or exploit her, she never hesitates to end the relationship.

Some mental symptoms directed us to prescribe Medorrhinum 1m for irregular menses:

She married her office college, against her parent’s will. However, she could not maintain the relationship. She got divorced in 2005, 1 year after the marriage. Then onwards, her menses become irregular and started putting on weight. To forget everything she started drinking and dating other men, but she could not able to get the comfort that she wanted.

She is quite an angry person; she gets irritated without any reason and then she starts scolding them and yell on them without listening to others explanation. The Woman feels that she is an expressive and fair person. She talks on the face but not does the things behind them.

She feels jealous of seeing the persons who are happy and to do something to spoil their happiness, but she scared to do such things. The Woman thinks a lot about her future and imagines that one day she became a rich person and everybody will feel jealous of her glory, but in reality, she does not try to work hard.

She has many phobias and fears. She scared of snakes, heights. Want to commit suicide on watching the sea and rivers. She loves water and wanted to die by jumping into the water. She feels better in the seashore, her mind becomes peaceful by watching the water.

Analysis of the Irregular menses case – How we reached Medorrhinum 1m.

On analysis of the symptoms, we felt that she is in depression and have suicidal tendencies. She lost her life in search of love and affection and childhood insults made her like this. She is in psychotic tendencies and needs counseling. We explained her condition and told her along with the Homoeopathic medication; she needs a counselor aid so that she can able to judge herself. I referred her to a psychologist.

Basing on her symptom totality, we gave her Medorrhinum 1M, one dose, and explained her diet and exercises. After 15 days, she got her menses which are normal inflow with dysmenorrhea. Then onwards, her periods are regular. With the diet and exercise management and regular counseling session, she lost her weight up to 10 kg. Now she is good and becomes confident and working in MNC without any struggle.

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