Homeopathic remedies for yeast infection

Homeopathic remedies for yeast infection:

Yeast infection and fungal infection are similar terms. Candida Albicans is the common fungus cause of Yeast infection. VulvoVaginitis is a common condition in women caused by Candida Albicans. Manila Albicans is another common fungus causes yeast infection. Homeopathic remedies for yeast infection is very effective in a permanent cure.

Homeopathic remedies for yeast infection

Causes of the yeast infection:

  • Low resistance is the primary cause of yeast infection or fungal infection.
  • Continuous exposure to dust is one other causes of fungal infection.
  • Severe anemia is also a cause of yeast infection.
  • Women during pregnancy are vulnerable to yeast infection.
  • Men habituated to Gutka and Pan Parag commonly affected by fungal infections.
  • Mouth in men and vagina in women are the common locations where the Candida Albicans usually grow.

Symptoms of the yeast infection:

  • The affected area becomes moist
  • Severe itching
  • oozing of a milky liquid from the affected area
  • Formation of white flakes of Candida Albicans over the affected area
  • In severe cases secondary bacterial infection
  • Fever and body pains

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Veginal infection and Homeopathic Medicine:

As we have discussed Candida albicans is the most cause for vagical infections. Equally important, the wetness around the vagina is also contributes in the growth of this fungus. As a matter of fact Homeopathic Medicines for yeast infection raise the immunity to prevent the growth of the fungus.

The Homeopathic remedies like Borax, Caladium, Kreosotum, Nitric acid and Sepia are highly beneficial in the treatment of vaginal infections due to fungus. Whereas Candida Albicans 30c, 200c, or 1m is especially useful for this vaginal yeast infection. We treat vaginal infections at first with Candida albicans 30c. Most Cases responds very well to this Homeopathic medicine. On the other hand, We shift to 200c potency or another constitutional Homeopathic remedy in case of repeated vaginal infections.

Homeopathic  Remedies for yeast infection:

Sepia is a Homeopathic remedy most popular for yeast infection:

Sepia is a women’s remedy in general. This Homeopathic remedy often causes vulvovaginitis in women. The sepia woman always wants to cross legs while sitting. This habit might the reason for the development of yeast infection in Sepia. Moreover, Sepia is also a very good Homeopathic remedy for other fungal infections like ringworm. In addition, any kind of yeast infection unconditionally cured by Sepia. Ion the other hand, if any well-indicated remedy in Homeopathy failed to cure yeast infection, then Sepia is the best medicine.

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Sulphur – Homeopathic medicine for Yeast infection with great itching and burning:

The Homeopathic medicine Sulphur is especially useful for moist skin eruptions with burning and itching. This Homeopathic medicine for fungal infection particularly useful when itching during bedtime.
Moreover, the heat of the bed or worm weather also causes itching. In addition, Sulphur is most beneficial to cure yeast infection when bathing hot water make itching worse.

Perhaps, no other medicine in Homeopathy is useful for skin complaints like Sulphur. Also, the Sulphur can be used as a homeopathic antifungal cream. As Sulphur Homeopathic medicine is a polycrest, it can be used for systemic candida infection. That means fungal infection weather in mouth, vagina, or groins, of course, curable with Sulphur. Finally, the unhealthy look of skin certainly needs Sulphur for yeast infection.

Borax Homeopathic Medicine for Candida Infection:

The candid infection, of course, very well cure with Borax Homeopathic Remedy. The first thing to remember, symptoms must match. The Borax is especially useful for Candid infection on lips, face, and genitalia. In fact, the transparent, white leucorrhoea indicates the Borax homeopathic remedy for Vaginal candida. As a matter of fact, the symptom of leucorrhoea as if warm water flowing down indicates this remedy for homeopathic candida treatment. Similarly Borax is useful as homeopathic remedy for systemic candida treatment.

Homeopathic Candida 30x:

Candida Albicans is the first-grade remedy for yeast infection. It acts wonderfully in case of virginities as well as a yeast infection in the mouth. In our clinic, we use the candida Albicans 30 and 200 pretenses regularly. This homeopathic remedy shows dramatic results in the arrest of infections in the mouth. As well as vaginal yeast, infections cured with Candida Albicans. The Milky yellow vaginal discharge due to the Candid infection cured with Candida Albicans. Candida Albicans 30 is the best starting potency. In addition, Candida Albicans 200 also produces a good result when 30 potency failed. Moreover, the chronic ringworm infection often cured by Candida Albicans in 200 potency.

Candia 30 homeopathy remedy can arrest yeast overgrowth. Vagial infections due to yeast are 100% curable with this Homeopathic medicine. Likewise, candida Albicans 30 and 200 are very useful for yeast infection treatment in homeopathy.

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Candida Homeopathic Drops:

Homeopathic drops are available with the name of Candida. These drops prepared by mixing various Homeopathic medicines. Even though they contain lower potencies like 6x, 12 x, 30, it is not recommended because of the combination of too many remedies. In fact, Candida drops made from a single Homeopathic remedy, for example, Candida 6x or 12x is recommended. However, the use of Candida drops in homeopathy is limited when symptoms not matched. The homeopathic constitutional remedy for yeast infection can overpower the candidate drops in homeopathy.

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