Treatment for Candidiasis-Candida albicans-Yeast with
Homeopathy Remedies

Candida is the most frequent problems in women during their fertile life and in infants.Treatment with Homeopathic remedies for Candida Albicans is safe without side effects. Homeopathic treatment can prevent recurrence of Candida albicans or yeast infection.Homeopathic remedies for Vaginal yeast infection treat the candida safely with no side effects.
 Today, very few women can escape from at least one candida infection and many newborns leave the hospital nursery with candida albicans or yeast.
 As a result of excessive antibiotic therapy, widespread candidiasis is prevalent and often remains undetected in the patient.
 All antibiotics will provoke a deep change in the bowel medium  and permit the explosive growth of mycosis or candida.
 After the primary mycotic or candida albicans infection, the patient retains an immune memory that can be reactivated at any time.
 (See :Infections).

candidiasishomeopathy Treatment for Candidiasis-Candida albicans  with Homeopathy Remedies

 Trush or candidiasis in newborn 
 • one dose, weekly : CANDIDA ALBICANS 15C (3 doses)
 Homeopathic treatment for candida albicans After antibiotics 
 • every day :
 3 granules, CANDIDA ALBICANS 5C
 • every week, one dose, increasing the potency each week :
 CANDIDA ALBICANS 7C, then 9C, then 12C, then 15C, then 30C
 Candida albicans caused Vaginitis:
 A proper homeopathic treatment plus a desensitization with an ISOTHERAPEUTIC, must be prescribed in recurrent cases.

Homeopathic Remedies for Candida Albicans:

There are Homeopathic remedies like Arsenicum album 200c,Rhaustox 200c, Hepar Sulphuris 200c,Nitric Acid 200c and Sepia 200c very good remdies in the treatment of Candida albucans or Candidiasis.
 The remedy for candidiasis can be prepared either with the Candida albicans itself, or with the secretions of the patient (urine is the best).
 • every day :
 3 granules : CANDIDA ALBICANS 5C is best Homeopathic medicine for Candidiasis.
 • every week, one dose, increasing the potency each week :
 CANDIDA ALBICANS 7C, then 9C, then 12C, then 15C, then 24C, then 30C
 repeat the same sequence of 6 doses, 6 times (9 months)
 • in case of recurrence, use a few doses of CANDIDA ALBICANS 30C , or ISOTHERAPEUTIC 30C (of the patient’s vaginal discharge, or better, their urine).
CANDIDA ALBICANS 7C is Natural Homeopathic remedy for candidiasis.
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