Diabetes Mellitus Homeopathic treatment :

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease in which blood sugar levels are elevated. The Diabetes is most frequently seen in patients where there is suppressed gonococcal discharge or secondary symptoms of gonococcal infection.In addition, Diabetic patients with high blood sugar experience symptoms of frequent urination increased thirst and increased hunger. Moreover, Diabetes can lead to severe complications if improper treatment. Acute complications consist of diabetic ketoacidosis and nonketotic hyperosmolar coma. Additionally, Long-term complications are cardiovascular disease, stroke, chronic kidney failure, foot ulcers, and diabetic retinopathy. Homeopathic remedy for diabetes mellitus acts as preventive as well control the disease.

In any case, Defect in insulin production by fibrosed Beta Cells in the pancreas is the cause of Diabetes. Sometimes it is due to the cells of the body not responding properly to the insulin produced, is the cause of the defect in insulin production from the pancreas.


Types of diabetes mellitus:

homeopathic remedy for diabetes mellitus

Type 1 DM is due to the pancreas’ failure to produce adequate insulin. This is called “insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus” (IDDM) or “juvenile diabetes”. The cause is not known in these cases.
Type 2 DM in which cells become insulin resistant, in this condition cells fail to respond to insulin properly. As the disease progresses there will be diminished insulin production.

This condition was earlier referred to as “noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus” (NIDDM) or “adult-onset diabetes”. The primary cause was thought excessive body weight and sedentary body weight but is not sure in all cases.
Gestational diabetes is another important form of diabetes and develops high blood sugar levels in pregnant women without a previous history of diabetes.

Prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus type 2 or 1 involve a healthy natural organic diet, adequate physical exercise, quitting tobacco and controlling body weight:

Regular Blood pressure checks up, control and proper foot care are essential for people with diabetes. Taking insulin injections is only the treatment for Type 1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can be treated with medications without insulin, in early stages, no medication is required for type 2 diabetes, diet and exercise are enough to regulate the blood sugar levels. In fact, Insulin and some oral medications can drop blood sugar levels to very low can cause hypoglycemia. Weight loss measures in those with obesity are many times an effective option to control blood sugar levels in those with type 2 DM. Gestational diabetes mostly disappears after delivery.

Approximately(2015 year) 437 million people have diabetes worldwide, among then type 2 diabetes cases are 91 %. From 2012 to 2014, diabetes is estimated to have resulted in 1.5 to 4.9 million deaths each year. Diabetic disease doubles a person’s risk of death or disability.


German homeopathic medicine for diabetes mellitus for the permanent cure:

Diabetes mellitus is a lifestyle disorder superadded with a genetic predisposition. homeopathic medicines, without doubt, influence the sugar levels in the blood. However, it is not the question whether it is German medicine or Indian medicine. Indian homeopathic medicines for diabetes mellitus and German medicines have the similar action on blood sugar level. In fact, most of the back potencies come from Germany. Even though homeopathic medicines for diabetes made in India, the source materials come from Germany. Moreover, the selection of homeopathic medicine for diabetes mellitus is important than German medicine for diabetic mellitus. The point is that many German homeopathic medicines are available today in the market like Syzygium, Cephalandra, and Insulinum etc. So also, the same Indian Homeopathic medicines for diabetes mellitus are available.

Homeopathic Insulin drops for diabetic mellitus control:

The defect in insulin production is the primary cause of diabetes mellitus type 1 as well as type 2. Homeopathic insulin drops act exactly like insulin injections in Allopathy. However, Homeopathic insulin drops need to take on the tongue or mix with some water. Dr.Rockweed R 130 Homeopathic Insulin Drops are popular insulin drops available in the market. In fact, the homeopathic insulin drops for diabetic mellitus only for control of sugar levels in the blood. In order to activate the pancreas to produce insulin naturally, you need to depend on Homeopathic constitutional medicine.

Homeopathic Insulin 200 or Insulinum 200 for diabetes mellitus:

The action of insulin in any potency is same. Whether it is Insulinum 6c, 30c or 200c, however, the intensity of action differs from potency to potency. The point is that using Insulinum 200 not recommended for a long time. Moreover, people have a habit of taking Insulinum 200, daily doses morning 6pills and evening 6 pills. In fact, this knowledge of using Insulinum 200 may be from the internet. However, Insulinum 200 may produce side effects if used overdose. In fact, like any other homeopathic medicine, Insulinum 200 should also select based on symptoms similarity. Only for this reason Insulinum 200, act as a constitutional medicine for diabetes mellitus. In addition, Insulinum 200 benefits for many other constitutional symptoms apart from Diabetes mellitus.

Sarcodes in Homoeopathy

Homeopathic treatment for Diabetes:

Homeopathy can be used effectively in the treatment of diabetes. We must mainly concentrate on the functioning of the pancreas in order to efficiently produce insulin. Medicines like Helonias 200, Iodum 200, Syzygium Jambolanum Q (Mother Tincture), Phosphorus 200c, Phosphoric acid 200c, Uranium nitricum 12X  are useful in the treatment of diabetes without side effects. patients who are already under insulin treatment can be treated with Homeopathic medicines for diabetes.But patient needs to reduce insulin gradually. Homeopathic constitutional treatment for diabetes controls side effects of the disease. Homeopathy considers lifestyle, diet habits, other physical symptoms along with the clinical history of diabetes in order to control the sugar levels as well prevent diabetic complications like heart diseases, diabetic kidney disease, diabetic neuropathy, and retinopathy etc.

Homeopathic Remedy for Diabetes Mellitus:

Helonias 200 diabetes mellitus control and cure:

Hilarious 200 for diabetes mellitus is also a very good homeopathic medicine for control of blood sugar levels. Helonias Dioica also called Unicorn plant. Helonias Dioica is excellently helpful for the sensation of weakness and dragging pain in legs of the diabetic patient. Moreover, a feeling of weight in the sacrum and pelvis with great prostration indicates Helonias Dioica for diabetic mellitus. In addition, Constant aching pain and tenderness in muscles indicate Helonias 200 for diabetes mellitus.

Helonias dosage for diabetes mellitus:

Apart from Helonias 200, this remedy works well in the following potencies.

Helonias Q (Mother tincture), 1x, 2x, 3x, 6x, 12x, 12c, 30C and 200c, even 1m.

Berberis-vulgaris is homeopathic medicine for diabetes type 2 with symptoms of Constant urging, with pain in the neck of the bladder:

Urine very slow to flow, with pain in lumbar and renal region, better by rest; after urinating sensation in bladder as if one must go again soon or as if some urine remained behind; pale-yellow urine, with a gelatinous sediment; In fact, Berberies vulgaris diabetic complications are weakness of sexual organs; pale, sallow face, sunken cheeks; sickly expression; dryness and sticky feeling in mouth and fauces; sticky, frothy saliva, like cotton; increased thirst and appetite, better by eating; pulse slow and weak; paralyzed, bruised sensation in back, worse from slight exertion; skin sticky and scaling off; INTENSE COLDNESS OF KNEES.

Hepar Sulphuris is best Homoeopathic remedy  useful in diabetes in which constitutional symptoms are the slightest contradiction makes him break out into the greatest violence:

He could kill somebody without hesitation; sight gets dim when reading; heaviness and pressure in stomach after a moderate meal, unusual hunger, much thirst; moreover, desire for acids and wine; sexual desire increased, erections feeble; Hepar sulphur diabetic patient has urine acrid, burning, making the inner surface of the prepuce or of the pudenda sore and ulcerated; emission of much pale urine, with pressure on bladder; emission of pale, clear urine, which on standing becomes turbid, thick, and deposits a white sediment.

Kreosotum is used in Homeopathy for the treatment of diabetes where symptoms are perfect depression to the trophic nervous system:

Heaviness all over, with drowsiness; depression of spirits; head feels confused and dull; dim-sightedness; flat, bitter taste; appetite, with sensation of fullness; intermittent, hard, dry stool; frequent and copious emission of hot, clear urine; Additionally, Kreosotum diabetic associated symptoms are bruised sensation in chest and all along the back; physical exhaustion, worse from rest; great itching of genitals during and after micturition.

Lachesis Homeopathic constitution in diabetes case is despondency and peevishness; dimness of eyes:

Livid-gray complexion; readily bleeding gums; sweetish taste; constipation; violent urging to urinate, with copious discharge; moreover, impotence; difficult suffocative breathing; laming pain and weakness in back and extremities; Lachesis diabetic complications are gangrene; emaciation with muscular relaxation.

Lactic-acid is homeopathic medicine for diabetes mellitus symptom is excessive thirst; frequent and copious micturition:

Urine contains sugar, skin rough and dry; obstinate constipation; tongue dry, sticky; gastric ailments; debility and emaciation; feels constantly tired and exhausted from slightest exertion; rheumatic pains with profuse urination.

Lycopodium can be used as Homeopathic medicine for diabetes mellitus when patient constitutional symptoms are Peevish and depressed in mind:

Thirst and hunger constant, but worse at night; flatulence; feces small in quantity; want of natural warmth; In fact, diabetic complications are sexual desire and power gone; lithic acid gravel; pulmonary phthisis, and purulent, with hectic; great emaciation; mental, nervous and bodily exhaustion; GOUTY LITHAEMIA.

Natrum-sulph (Carlsbad.). is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for diabetes mellitus symptoms are Depressed, irritable, taciturn, tired of life:

Dullness in head and weakness of sight; dryness and burning in the eyes nosebleed; dryness of mouth and throat; great thirst for very cold drinks; voracious appetite, with a boring pain; disgust while eating; foetid flatus; moreover, increased urination, especially at night; pains in small of back, with burning urine; haemoptysis; cough, with purulent expectoration.

Phosphoric-acid is very effective Homeopathic medicine for diabetes mellitus clinical symptoms are NEUROGENIC GLYCOSURIA. Debility from loss of animal fluids:

Bad effects of grief, anguish, sorrow, and care; all the joints feel bruised; very sensitive to fresh air; lassitude and heaviness; weakness of mind; Phosphoric acid diabetes side effects are falling out of the hair; dimness of eyes; excessive thirst; eructations from acids; pressure in stomach; in addition, hard, difficult stool; shortness of breathing; urine thick, LIKE MILK (CHYLURIA) or lime-water, with whitish curds, with stringy, bloody lumps, or clear, limpid, and containing much sugar; pain in back and kidneys; dull pressure in bladder; great weakness and emaciation; furunculosis.

Picric-acid diabetic Homeopathic remedy useful when Cortex of brain congested; urine contains sugar and albumen, dark red, of high specific gravity:

Great indifference, LACK OF WILL POWER TO DO ANYTHING; eyes feel dry, as if full of sand, sight dim and confused; saliva white, frothy and stringy; disgust for food; very great thirst for cold water; picric acid diabetic constitution has great sexual desire with emissions; excessive languor and prostration, it seemed difficult to move the limbs; feet cold, chilly, cannot get warm, followed by clammy sweat; chilly all over, except head and spine; throbbing, jerking of muscles with great pains between hips.

Plumbum 200 is best Homeopathic remedy for diabetes in which Lowness of spirits, anguish, and melancholy:

Diminution of sight; dryness of mouth; dry, cracked tongue; the feeling of contraction and constriction in throat; fever with unquenchable thirst are important symptoms. Diabetic side effects are the dingy color of skin; gangrene; constipation, hectic fever with dry, hacking cough from suppuration of lungs; great exhaustion; impotence: excessive emaciation; great hunger; obstinate belching and vomiting. Chronic lead-poisoning produces a perfect picture of glycosuria and of Morbus Brightii, and Hering considered it one of the most important drugs in diabetes form of the disease.

Syzygium-jambol Homeopathic Mother tincture reduce sugar levels, Syzygium Diminishes the amount of urine secreted and causes sugar to disappear.

Tarentula used in homeopathic diabetes treatment with symptoms of Profound grief and anxiety; great prostration, and pain as if the whole body was bruised:

Loss of memory and dimness of sight; constant craving for raw articles; intense thirst; lips and mouth so dry that he wants to moisten them with his tongue; insatiable appetite; disgust for meat and general wasting away; constipation; polyuria, Tarentula diabetic complications are violent pains in the lumbar region and paralysis of the lower extremities; miliary eruptions and furuncles

Uranium-nitrate symptoms Homeopathic medicine for diabetes are DEFECTS OF DIGESTION AND ASSIMILATION:

HEPATOGENIC DIABETES. CAUSES SUGAR TO BE DEPOSITED IN THE URINE. General languor; debility; cold feeling; vertigo; purulent discharges from eyelids and nostrils, with ulceration of cheeks from the acrid discharge; copious salivation; vomiting, with great thirst; putrid eructations; urgent desire to evacuate bladder and rectum; frequent micturition; cough, with purulent discharge from nostril; lung infiltrated with gray tubercles; stiffness in loins; languor on rising from bed, with fishy smell of urine; prostration, somnolence, and shivering during the day; restless at night.

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Akhilesh Chauhan
Akhilesh Chauhan
3 years ago

28yrs Diabetes Mellitus now on Insulin140 iu I am self read Homeopathic lover I have tried several home remedies on myself but all in vain. It first diagnosed at an age of 40yrs . I was put on allopathic glimpride,Metformin and could maintain satisfactory controlled blood sugar level up to the age of55 then these medicines gave no control and for last 10 yrs I am on insulins started at40 units and now require 150 insulin units. I am active,loquocious,hasty speach, abusive when angree,lewd in thought s but lately have become impotent but still want sexual gratification by masterbation from… Read more »

Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar
3 years ago

Dear sir, yesterday I have given 2 drops Merc. solution 1m 2 drops in morning along with jambolium and Adam 18. Today morning it’s sugar level is 140. I have seen such level after 1 months.
She is more frequently complain for stomach pain. Is there any medicine for it

Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar
3 years ago

regarding IDDM

My 4 year old daughter is suffering from IDDM. Presently she is taking cartegious 30 along with angelio folio. But I am seeing any effect of these medicines. Should I continue with it or make some changes. Because I have consulted aroung 506 homio. doctors but every body has their own conceptions and they are not agree with other doctors.

3 years ago

Dear Sir, This is in continuation of my telephonic talk with you – thru my niece Mrs Sharat Ramani who is being treated by you. I think I forgot to mention some issues. Hence sending this mail. I have lost my weight. The allopathy doctor whom I consulted told me that due to lack of insulin in the body the food I consumed has become glucose and reached the blood. My body consumed the proteins available for its needs. Hence I lost my weight. My sugar levels are fluctuating. Currently I am under his advise and treatment for one month.,… Read more »

Sms Hasan
3 years ago

Dear sir,

​​​My concern is for my mother, a Diabetic patient.

Current Main Problem:

* An intense urge to urinate
* Little Burning while urinating
* Cloudy Urine with strong odor & white particles at the bottom in a bucket

Urine R/E Test Results:
Epithelial cells = 2-3/HPF
PUS cells = 10-12/HPF

Age: 62 years, Age of Diabetes: 30 years
Current medications besides Insulin: None

With Thanks & regards

Sms Hasan

Drdevendra Kumar MD Homeo
Reply to  Sms Hasan

Phosphoric Acid 200, just 2 pills not daily, wait for 15 days. Sarsaprrilla mother tincture daily for 15 days. morning 4 drops and evening 4 drops.

3 years ago


My fasting sugar is between 120 & 150. Post lunch is between 180 & 220. My age 65years. Advice homeopathic medicine for me.

Drdevendra Kumar MD Homeo
Reply to  shabbir

MERC SOL 1M, just 2 pills and wait for 10 days, SYZYZIUM JOMB MT daily for 10 days. morning 4 and evening 4 drops on tongue.

Drdevendra Kumar munta

Dear suresh, don't worry, diabetes is a common health disorder now a days. even effecting people under 30 years. use allopathic diabetic medications. Along with that take MERCURIUS SOLUBULIS 1m just 2 pills and wait for 15 days. Try to change diet to Organic foods. change your life style. Changing diet habits can help you to avoid allopathic medication completely. Leading minimised stress life is very much advised.

3 years ago

Sir my penis prepuce is cracked, went for glucose tolerance. Plasma glucose levels are 300mg for first hour. HBA1C is 9.2. used Syzyzium jomb caused skin itching and eruptions. Mental depression from diabetes. I am hypothyroid patient. please help me with Homeopathic remedies.

Ashish Sharma
3 years ago

My sugar pp is 210 and fasting is 150 my age 37 what should I use.
Right now I am using Glycomet.1 mg.after dinner &lunch.

Drdevendra Kumar munta
Reply to  Ashish Sharma

I suggest you to take MERC SOL 1m Just 2 pills and wait for 15 days. Take Syzyzium jom Q daily 4 drops on tongue morning and evening for 15 days. don't stop allopathic medicine. glycomet.

Drdevendra Kumar munta
Reply to  Ashish Sharma

In my experience diabetic people must use ORGANIC RICE and VEGETABLES in order to control their sugar levels. Using polished white non organic chemical rice takes no time for digestion. and more over excess urea levels can effect the function of pancreas. Which promote the fibrosis in Pancreatic Beta cells ultimately lead into deficiency in insulin production.

dr devenda kumar
3 years ago

Sure I will add more information on diabetes and miasm in Homeopathic treatment point of view.

Waseem Abas Waseem Abas

X c lent work
background should b take in considrashn