Homeopathic Remedies and treatment for UTI or Urinary Tract Infection

UTI or Urinary tract infection is a painful disturbing disease. It is a recurrent infection in most cases which lasts long if untreated.UTI more often occurs due to suppression of skin diseases. If it is complicated with Gonococcal or Syphilitic suppressions, the symptoms of UTI will be more severe and miserable. Homeopathic Remedy for UTI is preventive as well cure permanently.

Urinary tract infection can be anywhere right from Pelvis of the kidney to the urethra. To understand and treat the urinary tract symptoms the entire urinary system is divided into upper and lower urinary tracts, consists of the pelvis, ureters, and bladder, urethra respectively.

UTIs are thought to be due to E Coli. In most cases which is a bacteria that is normally present in the intestines. But in reality, E.Coli is an opportunistic bacteria which grows on weakened tissue due to low resistance. E.Coli infection spread to the entire urinary system if there is poor hygiene. Clinically this is the cause of severe burning. The symptoms of urinary tract infection are frequent urination, sudden urging for urination, fever, nausea, and vomiting.

In case if the infection left untreated, it may spread to kidney region through the urinary tract and cause the kidney infection. The symptoms of the kidney infection are systemic in nature and need more attention. The symptoms of chill, fever and renal pain are common.

Homeopathic remedy for UTI

Homeopathic treatment for UTI:

Homeopathic treatment for Urinary tract infection is more effective than any other contemporary or alternative system of medicine. Homeopathy cure UTI with its constitutional approach. Homeopathic remedies for UTI infection works very effectively without side effects. Often people search whether Homeopathy works for URI? No doubt about that Homeopathy cures UTI safely and speedily and completely. Homeopathy relieves the suppression that which is cause for UTI and bring back the original symptom in the form of skin itching, nasal or ear discharge which is easy to treat.

Homeopathic small pills directly act on receptors of the cell by changing action potential of the cell wall. Thereby it acts immediately as soon as applied on the tongue. Homeopathic pills contain memory information which is required to treat the disturbed cell mechanism. Homeopathy treatment for UTI is effective in all ages including children and adults both sexes men and women. There are many Homeopathic medicines that work directory on UTI tract. Among them, best Homeopathic medicines for Urinary tract infection are selected.

Homeopathic Remedies for UTI or Urinary tract infection:

Anantherum is Homeopathic remedy for UTI, symptoms are the Frequent emission of urine:

which is turbid or soon becomes so; sensation of numbness and obstruction in kidneys; or as if kidneys and bladder were always full and swollen, bladder cannot hold the smallest quantity of urine; difficult, painful intermittent urination it stops and commences again the same moment; fulness and distension of the bladder, with inability to urinate, urine turbid, thick and full of mucus, retention of urine with retraction of the urethral canal, Anantherum patients urine is brownish or yellowish and bloody incontinence of urine, with involuntary urination when walking, and even at night in bed during sleep, as if caused by paralysis of the neck of the bladder; tenesmus vesicae with ischuria.

Apis Homeopathic remedy UTI symptoms are Burning in the urethra before, during and after micturition:

The disagreeable sensation in the bladder, with a bearing down in the region of the sphincter and frequent desire to urinate; incontinence of urine, with great irritation of the parts; worse at night and when coughing almost incessant desire to pass urine; high colored or straw-colored with brick-dust sediment.

Arsenicum 200 Homoeopathic medicine Urinary tract symptoms are Retention of urine, as if the bladder were paralyzed:

scanty urine passing with difficulty, burning in the urethra during micturition; tenesmus and strangury, great desire to urinate but does not pass any; urine copious and burning hot, involuntary emission of urine in the night when sleeping; urine profuse and dark-brown, turbid, when emitting it, much sediment in the urine haematuria.

Asparagus is useful as UTI Homeopathic remedy in cases of Urging to urinate, burning in the urethra:

frequent urging with fine stitches in the orifice of the urethra, urine scanty and cloudy a little straw-colored urine is passed, which becomes turbid immediately after being passed, after urinating burning in the urethra, with a sensation as if there were some urine yet to pass.

Belladonna is best Home remedy for Urinary tract infection when Difficult micturition:

the urine being passed guttatim with frequent urging, constant dribbling of urine; sharp stitches low down in the abdomen, in the direction of the perineum, pains come on suddenly and cease in the same way; feeling in the back as if it would break; paralysis of the sphincter vesicae; enuresis with profuse perspiration; urine yellow and turbid; sometimes depositing a reddish sediment.

Benzoic-acid 200,1m is very effective Homeopathic remedy for UTI in men symptoms are Vesicular catarrh:

irritability of the bladder; nocturnal enuresis in children, too frequent desire to evacuate the bladder, urine being normal decrease of the quantity of urine, which is thick and bloody urine has strong odor like that of horse and contains excess of hippuric acid (Nitr-ac) urine brownish, cloudy, alkaline or dark-reddish, high specific gravity and acid reaction, sometimes of a putrid cadaverous smell; morbid condition of urine, as in persons with calculous or gouty diathesis dysuria senilis, when gravel is trifling and the irritable state of bladder and pains induced by other causes, with too frequent desire to urinate, though urine appears normal.

Berberis-vulg mother tincture and 200 potency helps as Homoeopathic remedy in UTI of both men and women cases where there is Violent stitching pain in the bladder:

Pain extending from the kidneys into the urethra, with urging to urinate, frequent recurring crampy pain in the bladder; cutting constrictive pain in the bladder when full of empty; burning pain in urethra, stitching pain in the female urethra beginning in the bladder, violent stitches in the bladder, which compel one to urinate; urine dark- yellow, red becoming turbid, copious mucous sediment mixed with a whitish-gray, and later a reddish mealy sediment, slowly becoming clear, but retaining its blood-red color, symptoms of urinary organs accompanied with pains in the loins and hips (Pareira brava, pain in thighs) renal gravel and calculi (urates, rheumatoid arthritis); worse from slight fatigue; the aggravation increasing as the fatigue increases.

Calcarea-carb is also a best Homeopathic remedy for UTI infection, patents have Pain in the bladder and cutting on urinating:

burning in the urethra before and after urinating fine tickling stitches through the urethra, much sour-smelling urine passed at night; trickling of urine after micturition; involuntary passage of urine on every motion during menstruation, nocturnal enuresis, urine very dark colored, without sediment; urine has a pungent odor, is clear and pale, offensive dark brown urine, with a whitish sediment; the urine soon becomes turbid, and deposits a whitish flaky sediment; a fatty pellicle forms on the surface strangury always brought on by standing on a cold damp pavement.

Cannabis Indica is the best Homeopathic medicine for UTI infection symptoms consists of Inflammation of the bladder:

burning, scalding, stinging pain, before, during and after micturition, urging to urinate, with much straining, copious discharge of clear, bright-colored urine, the urine passes freely at times, then again in small quantities, with burning and biting; urine dribbles out after the stream ceases, aching in the kidneys, thick red urine.

Cantharis is a very effective Homeopathic remedy for UTI, cured many cases with specific symptoms of UTI, best in children and women cases:

Painful retention of urine ; urging to urinate from the smallest quantity of urine in the bladder, intolerable tenesmus, violent burning-cutting pain in neck and bladder, extending to the fossa navicularis, worse before and after urinating, urging worse when standing and still more when walking, better when sitting, hardly any at night, paroxysmal cutting and burning pains in both kidneys, the region very sensitive to the slightest touch, alternating with pain in tip of the penis; painful scalding evacuation, by drops, of bloody urine and at times of pure blood; pain keeps on after micturition; urine turbid and scanty, cloudy during the night like mealy water, with white sediment, urine albuminous with cylindrical casts; deposits granular, grayish- white, looking like fragments of old mortar patient uneasy, restless, dissatisfied, crawling and itching of urethra after micturition.

Colchicum UTI Homoeopathic remedy has Constant burning in urinary organs, with diminished secretions:

passing of urine attended and followed by tenesmus of bladder and burning pain in urethra as if urine were very warm; frequent micturition with diminished discharge urethra hurts while urine passes, as if raw; constriction in neck of bladder; feeling of soreness in kidneys, (<) by straightening out legs, (>) by doubling them upon himself, has to keep quiet to prevent vomiting; feeling of icy coldness in stomach with nausea, brown-black urine whitish deposit in urine; gouty diathesis.

Lycopodium Urinary tract infection symptoms are Pain before urinating, shown in young children by crying and screaming at that time and by adults:

pain referred to the renal region, very severe pain in back before urinating which ceases when the urine flows children awake from sleep screaming, and feel better after urinating, urging to urinate, must wait a long time before it passes, jerking, cutting in urethra after urinating, urine scanty, dark-red, albuminous, with strangury, deposits of red, sandy sediments, frequent and copious at night, scanty by day, greasy pellicle floats on urine painless haemorrhages from bladder, gravel and calculi haemorrhoids, enlarged prostate.

Natrum-mur is best Homeopathic remedy for UTI in women with Involuntary micturition when walking, coughing or laughing:

desire to urinate day and night, stitches in bladder during micturition, with burning-smarting sensations in urethra, pale urine, with brick-dust sediment, discharge of mucus from the urethra, dark coffee-colored urine, cutting in urethra after micturition; polyuria with waterbrash and emaciation; haematuria from scurvy, has to wait a long time for urine to pass, if others are nearby.

Pareira-brava – Homeopathic medicine for UTI in adults and old people in which Sensation as if bladder distended:

with pain going down thighs and extending down into the feet, strangury with paroxysms of violent pains, urine can only be voided while patient is on his knees with head pressing against the floor, (<) mornings from 3 to 6 almost cartilaginous induration of mucous membrane of bladder, constant urging to urinate, violent pains in glans penis, urine has a strong ammoniacal smell, containing thick viscid mucus; pains in thighs while urinating (Berb, back); lithaemia.

Petroleum is Homeopathic remedy for UTI in adults where Involuntary discharge of reddish-brown and foetid urine:

urine drops out after micturition, weakness of neck of bladder chronic Blennorrhoea, eczema or herpes preputial with considerable itching, mucous discharge from the urethra, burning pains, either in the neck of the bladder (Chronic prostatitis) or in urethra, chronic catarrh of the bladder.

Phosphorus is best UTI infection Homeopathic remedy for men, symptoms are the Involuntary emission of urine:

smarting and burning in urethra, with frequent desire to urinate, tension over the region of the bladder, acrid, offensive-smelling urine, brown urine, with red sandy sediment bloody urine urine with a sediment of white flocculi, full bladder, but causing no trouble or desire to urinate, unable to pass water or incontinence, both from paralysis of bladder.

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5 years ago

My 10 yr old daughter has very strong punugent smelling urine . Frequently wets bed. Was on antibiotics for ecoli uti no change in symptoms. Doesn’t complain of any pain or burning

Homeopathic treatment
5 years ago

She has no fever and doesn’t complain of any pain with urination. In the past she had a ultra sound that showed an inflamed bladder. She with have lots of stomach aches. Dr put her on a sulfur antibiotic for a uti a month ago she still has pungent urine and frequently wets bed


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Drdevendra Kumar munta


Shoukath shareef
7 years ago

Bladder difficult in urinationa with increased post voidal urine. Doctor suggested surgery. Please help me with Homeopathic treatment sir.

Manisha Khandekar
8 years ago

Very nice