Homeopathic nosodes

Homeopathic nosodes their importance in chronic cases:

Homeopathic Medicines worked for a short time for instance one day only. We might have come across this situation many times. We might have used too many medicines in a case. The patient responds to selected Constitutional Homeopathic Medicine. However, Symptoms relieved only for a short time or not at all relieved. Here at this point there arises the importance of Nosodes. Nosodes are the Homeopathic Medicines, which are prepared from diseased Products.

Homeopathic nosodes

For example,

  • TUBERCULINUM is a nosode in Homeopathy that is prepared from pus discharge from the lungs of Tubercular Patient.
  • Gonococcal Pus Discharge -MEDORRHINUM
  • Skin Discharges from Psoriatic Patient -PSORINUM
  • Syphilitic Discharges – SYPHILINUM

How Nosodes in Homeopathy helps?

When properly selected Homeopathic Medicine does not work as expected then the Nosodes will stimulate the organism. Nosode clear the way for action of the constitutional Homeopathic medicine. As a result, it helps to complete the process of cure.

In reality, Chronic disease develops from the suppression of the body’s vital expression. It is the reaction especially in response to the infection from viruses or bacteria. If we suppress the Skin eruptions (Itch disease) by producing artificial immunity in a local area, the result of inflammatory products goes inside deep into the internal vital organs.

Cell wall or cell surface recognize this entire disturbance and memorize on its surface. Accordingly, the receptors on the cell wall work abnormally. This abnormal function caused due to infectious organisms can be deep-rooted and express as an inherent character.

This inherited abnormal behavior of the cell wall can change with the use of Nosodes in Homeopathy. Nosodes destroy the root cause of disease. In addition, remove the susceptibility for disease. Thereby pave a path for the smoother action of constitutional Homeopathic Medicines.

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