Homeopathic medicine for Treatment of Spleen diseases

Homeopathic medicine for Treatment of Spleen diseases:

As an extremely fragile organ, the spleen is enlarged and painful in many blood diseases. It produces antibodies and stores the white blood cells. As a part of immune system, spleen responds to every disease, related with it. It usually enlarges in alcoholic cirrhosis, malaria, and immune system defects. Homeopathic medicine has a specific action on spleen diseases.

Homeopathic medicine for Treatment of Spleen diseases

List of most effective Homeopathic medicine for spleen diseases:

  • Aranea Diadema
  • Ceanothus
  • Chelidonium
  • China
  • Carduus  marianus
  • China
  • Helianthus, but not limited to these,

Agaricus, Hydrastis, and Ranunculus Bulbous are the top most Homeopathic medicines acts on alcoholic spleen diseases. If you have pain in spleen after long standing intake of alcohol, then think of these remedies. In fact, Homeopathy is more effective in treating alcoholism as well as spleen diseases.

Ferrum Arsenicosum is the best Homeopathic remedy for your swollen lymph nodes with spleen diseases.  Here also your alcoholism is the cause.

Asa Foetida, Cocculus, and Ignatia are particularly for neurologic problems, in relation to spleen diseases.

Homeopathic Treatment for Enlarged spleen:

Arsenicum Album is the topmost Homeopathic medicine for spleen enlargement in severe leukemia cases. It is also acts on ascites and anasarca in relation to enlarged spleen. Arsenicum Album patients with spleen diseases are especially chilly in nature.

Conium works best for enlarged spleen in chronic jaundice. If you have swollen and knife-like pains, it is the best Homeopathic medicine for you. Excessive weakness is the symptom these people often experience with spleen diseases. For those patients who feel bruised pains from enlarged spleen, Conium is the best medicine.

Ferrum Metallicum is excellent medicine for spleen diseases in anemic subjects. If you have vomiting just after eating, then consider this Homeopathic medicine. Oversensitive persons with enlarged spleen often get benefit from this remedy. The persons who need to prescribe Ferrum Metallicum for spleen looks pale and week.

Spleen enlargement in chronic hepatitis and pancreatitis is especially curable with Iodium. For children with enlarged spleen and mesenteric glands, it is the right Homeopathic remedy. Iodium is also helps in the cure of Jaundice of spleen diseases.

Phosphorus is the topmost medicine for spleen enlargement with fatty degeneration. It is also good remedy for your hepatitis with spleen problem. Pancreatitis in relation to spleen diseases is also curable with this Homeopathic medicine. A sharp cutting pain is the important symptom.

Sulfuric Acid is also a wonderful remedy for spleen diseases and alcoholism. If you get pains when coughing at spleen area, it is the best choice. For canker sores because of enlarged spleen, Sulphuricum acid is the right remedy. Purpura haemorrhagia is another condition in relation to spleen diseases where this Homeopathic medicine works wonders.

Carbolic Acid, Ferrum Arsenicosum, and Ferrum Iodatum are the best medicines for intermittent chronic fever with enlarged spleen.

What our Authors say about Homeopathic medicine for Spleen Disease:

  • Urtica Urens is very good remedy for spleen enlargement after Fever:Where spleen and liver are involved, as after swamp fever, vomit dark, skin yellow, Urtica Urens, in 5 drop doses, has worked well. Sometimes Chelidonium, in similar dose, is greatly aids, given in alternation.
  • Carduus marianus is a Specific Homeopathic Remedy for Spleen: It is an another old drug that in doses of 5 or 10 drops of the tincture has cured many bad cases where the spleen and liver were involved, according to German physicians.

Dr.M.L.Tyler views on Homeopathic Treatment for Spleen Disease:

Calcarea carbonica is Spleen remedy with Internal Congestion:

It is the topmost Homeopathic remedy for spleen, when congestion dominates. A peculiar feature is “: the greater the internal congestion, the colder the surface.”

Dr Kent says, sore pain in liver and spleen especially indicates this Homeopathic remedy. The patient feels pressure in hepatic region with every step. Enlargement of liver and spleen are often curable with Calcarea Carbonica.

Iodium is very good remedy for over sensitive spleen:

For diarrhea and enlarged spleen, it is the best medicine. Spleen is very sensitive in Iodium patients. Liver is also affected with white stools. Iodine has such affinity for Spleen that it attacks pancreas also “.


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