Homeopathic medicine for Heart Enlargement

Homeopathic medicine for the Enlarged heart (Cardiomegaly): 

An enlarged heart is commonly called as cardiomegaly. In fact, Megacardia and Megalocardia are the other names for heart enlargement. The cause of heart enlargement is varying from patient to patient. It depends on the underlying clinical condition. Homeopathic medicine for heart enlargement works unconditionally. Homeopathic treatment for cardiomegaly works without side effects. No need to doubt about the action of Homeopathic remedies on heart enlargement. These medicines are clinically tested. However, it needs to use under the guidance of well-qualified Homeopathic professionals.

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Topmost Homeopathic Remedies for the treatment of Heart Enlargement:

Arnica is an excellent Homeopathic remedy in case of heart enlargement with fat accumulation. Angina pectoris that radiated to left elbow particularly indicates the Arnica Montana.

Cactus Grandiflorus is also a well indicated homeopathic medicine for cardiomegaly. In this case, the patient feels constriction in the heart as from an iron band. Arteriosclerosis is the underlying cause of heart enlargement in this case that guides us in Homeopathic treatment.

Cenchris Contortris is another Homeopathic remedy for heart enlargement. Heart distention and feeling of terror often direct us to use this Homeopathic medicine in heart complaints. Myocardial weakness is the disease that leads to heart enlargement in this case. Patients with heart enlargement often experience palpitations suggest us to use Homeopathic medicine.

Spongia for a Heart enlargement case:

Spongia is for heart enlargement with sudden pain at midnight. After midnight, suffocation particularly indicates this homeopathic medicine for cardiomegaly. Faintness and sweating with great anxiety are key points to use Spongia for heart enlargement in Homeopathy.

We have a great experience with Spongia for cardiac asthma. Just two pills of Spongia Homeopathic medicine cure the dyspnea of heart enlargement permanently. The patient is in ICU for 20 days without relief. Based on the symptom dyspnea and cardiomegaly, particularly midnight after, we gave two pills of Spongia 200c. Within 5 minutes, asthma disappeared. It is a great surprise for us. After that incident patient never suffered from cardiac asthma.

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