Homeopathic eye drops for the eye infections and Cataract:

Drops for the eye are common in patients with serious infections. Many types of eye drops are available in homeopathy as in other medical systems. Nevertheless, homeopathy recommends only eye drops in specific situations. Overall, homeopathic eye drops help in reducing eye infections.

homeopathic-eye-drops Homeopathic eye drops for the eye infections and Cataract

Let us see if any medicine can now change to homeopathic eye drops:

Euphrasia eye drops the use of this drug is significant when the eye is severely infected and in conjunctivitis of the eyes:

Persistent acidic discharge from the eye these eye discharges become more active when in cool air. The eyelids stick together. The eyes become swell and burn. In the above cases, the use of Euphrasia eye drops is priceless.


Pulsatilla Eye drops:

This Pulsatilla eye drops can be useful if thick green and dark fluid pulled from the eye. Pulsatilla eye drops can apply if the eyelids stuck in the morning after waking. Pulsatilla eye drops are particularly useful in such cases if the eyes are burning with itchy.


Mercurius Solubulis eye drops:

Mercurius Solubulis eye drops should apply if itchy water overnight. This homeopathy medication should use if the eyes are with severe irritation in the night. Mercurius Solubulis eye drops are very useful when the pain begins with the throat and then inflammation of the eyes.


Hepar Sulphuricum eye drops:

Hepar Sulphuricum a homeopathy medicine is very useful when it has symptoms of inflammation. Eye infection aggravated by cold air. Hepar Sulphuricum eye drops eye drops in these cases prevent infection very quickly.


 Sulphur eye drops are useful when there is inflammation of the eye with burning:

There is a great burning pain in the eye. The fluids that flow from the eyes are hot. There is a sensation of sand in the eye. This is also a special Homeopathic medicine for conjunctivitis. Washing eye with cold water ameliorates the symptoms. Sulphur eye drops will certainly help if the eyelids are infected. Sulfur eye drops can be helpful if the eyelids become inflamed in the morning as in the Pulsatilla.

Cineraria eye drops in Homeopathy for cataract:

Cineraria eye drops are very popular in Homeopathy to prevent and to cure the cataract. This eye drops works irrespective of the type of cataract. Cineraria maritima is its complete name. The Cineraria is active principle that acts on the lens of the eye. Cineraria eye drops have the capacity to dissolve the coagulation that is formed by the lens. Therefore, it acts as an excellent Homeopathy eye drops for cataract and clear lens. it is suggested to use cineraria maritima eye drops in the early stages of the cataract. if so it can cure the cataract completely. The main reason involved in the utility of cineraria maritima eye drops for cataract is, it increases the blood circulation to the eye. So that the nutrients that should, supply to the lens will balance. Therefore, it cures the cataract.

To Conclude Homeopathic Eye Drops:

It is not always suggested to you use eye drops as written in the above lines. If symptoms correlated, it is better to use 30 or 200c potency of homeopathic medicine internally instead of eye drops. If eye drops in homeopathy provide relief within 24 hours, the same internal potency can relieve urine infection within one hour. Therefore, there are exceptional conditions to use eye drops but these are also can avoid with proper internal homeopathic medicine.

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