The only symptom which we find in Hahnemann’s Materia Medica bearing upon this subject is the following : Daily stool, but it is hard and scanty.
 We would not have referred to this drug, if we had not read the following curious observation.
 Case 12 
 A child, one year of age (Calc. carb. constitution), suffered for six months, with an obstinate constipation, for which I had prescribed a number of remedies, with little or no benefit. A short time since he was attacked with a fluent, profuse coryza, with slight flow of tears and a bright red eruption upon the cheek; aggravation in the afternoon and after crying; persistent constipation; stools in large balls, which are dry, hard, voided with great difficulty and almost tearing the anal passage. Euphrasia200, four doses, thirty-six hours apart, promptly relieved this entire array of symptoms. – Dr. Hoopes. 

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