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Homeopathic remedies that act like antibiotics:

Antibiotics refer to drug substances that act on bacteria like foreign organisms in our body. The primary action of antibiotics is on the nutritional supplements for bacteria. Unlike antibiotics in the allopathic system, Homeopathy medicines act on the immunity of the person infected by bacteria. Therefore, every remedy in Homeopathy acts like an antibiotic. However, in this article, we would like to mention few Homeopathic antibiotic remedies for specific conditions.

homeopathic-antibiotics Homeopathic Antibiotic Remedies

Homeopathic antibiotic Arsenicum album for gangrene and Gastroenteritis:

Arsenicum album is a well-known Homeopathic medicine that acts on inflammation. Gangrene anywhere in the body can cure permanently by the Arsenicum album. The antibiotic action of the Arsenicum album especially seen in loose motions and vomiting. Gastroenteritis effectively controlled by Homeopathic antibiotic Arsenicum album. The example is cholera epidemic, history of medicine in India and Germany revealed cholera had effectively eradicated by the antibiotic action of Arsenicum album. The antibiotic action of the Arsenicum album particularly seen in those persons who are very anxious and extremely weak.


Camphor is also a very good antibiotic in Homeopathy for gastroenteritis or loose motion and vomiting:

Camphor also is useful for eradicating cholera epidemic. The important indication of camphor antibiotic action is, the person affected by gastroenteritis becomes very weak and Pallor. The hands and legs become cold and the person is out of breath. Even though the body is cold, the person wants to uncover, is one peculiar indication for the antibiotic action of Camphor.


Antibiotic action of arnica Homeopathic medicine:

Arnica in Homeopathic is also a very good antibiotic for injuries. Particularly hemorrhages in the brain immediately after the injury are recovered by Homeopathic antibiotic action of arnica. Any kind of injury that has sore bruised pain can heal by Homeopathic antibiotic arnica. The most Peculiar indication of Homeopathic antibiotic arnica is, mere the touch of the part aggravation.


Hypericum is also a homeopathic antibiotic for crush injuries for nerves:

Hypericum particularly helps to unite the nerves cut. The antibiotic action of Hypericum has unusually seen wherein injuries to small nerves that means the sentient nerves.

  1. Calendula Ointment for Injuries and Wounds in Homeopathy


Hepar Sulphuricum is also a very good Homeopathic antibiotic for diabetic ulcers:

Antibiotic action of Hepar Sulphuricum especially seen in case of diabetic ulcers, which are Deep, and oozing. The pain in case of Hepar Sulphuricum ulcer particularly aggravated by exposure to cold air.


Calendula, Echinacea, and gunpowder are also very good antibiotics in homeopathy. The burns, cut injuries, abrasions and deep ulcers, gangrene effectively healed by the homeopathic antibiotic action of the above remedies.


Dosage and power of Homeopathic antibiotic:

Most of the homeopathic antibiotics are useful from zero power (mother tinctures) to 200 and 1m power. The external application of mother tincture of Echinacea and calendar for cut injuries and burns can heal it completely within 3 days. 200 power of arsenic album acts as a very good homeopathic antibiotic for gangrene. Just 2 pills of the Arsenicum album can cure your gangrene within 3 days. Moreover, 2 pills of Hypercum homeopathic antibiotic can relieve your nerve pain within 10 minutes.


Can I take homeopathic medicines along with antibiotics?

The answer is no. Homeopathy and Allopathy are two different systems that have quite opposite philosophy. Allopathic medicine action is quite opposite to homeopathy. So allopathic antibiotics are recommended while using homeopathy. If symptoms are so serious not allowing time for the action of homeopathic medicines then it is better to continue allopathic antibiotics. Nevertheless, it not recommended using Allopathy and homeopathy at the same time.

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