– BERNARD H., The Homoeopathic Treatment of Constipation

HepaticConstipation Hepatic Constipation

The anatomical and physiological relations of the liver and intestine are too intimate not to influence each other in their pathological affections. So we have thought it well to devote a paragraph to those cases, which frequently occur, in which hepatic troubles interpose in a marked manner. A sub-icteric teint, a sensitiveness, more or less blunted, of the right hypochondrium, and modifications in the coloration of the faeces lead us to the diagnosis.
 Nux vomica is here of great importance.
 Podophyllum and Podophyllin should be consulted when icterus is present.
 Mercurius cor. is serviceable not only in constipation from pseudo-membranous inflammation of some portion of the large intestine, but also in haemorrhoidal colic with tumefaction of the liver and abdominal venous stasis.

 Among the other remedies from which a choice may sometimes be necessary, we would mention Aconitum, Aloes, Bryonia, China, Chelidonium, Crocus, Curare, Lachesis, Vipera torva, Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Carlsbad waters. 

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