– BERNARD H., The Homoeopathic Treatment of Constipation

Under this title we include the numerous cases of constipation in which the generative system is evidently involved. From the time of puberty, the date of acidity of this organic system until the menopause, which marks progressive torpor, menstruation, pregnancy, labor, lactation, the pathological affections of the womb, either with or without displacement, with or without change of structure, diseases of the ovaries, and the other accessory organs to the uterus, may impress upon the constipation a mark quite characteristic.
 Most of the remedies which we shall mention have already been the object of special mention.
 Pulsatilla will be indicated in females who are of mild disposition, easily chilled, sad, lymphatic, chlorotic constitution, subject to dysmenorrhoea or flying rheumatic pains, when the difficult evacuation of the stool is accompanied by a painful pressure and backache; or when, during the menses, there is a pressive pain from above downward into the hypogastrium and sacrum, with tendency of the inferior members to become numb when remaining seated, with vain efforts at stool. The alternation of diarrhoea and constipation, excessive hunger, and the repugnance to fatty substances, add to the characteristic indications of this drug.
 Kreosote doe constipation during menses.
 Graphites includes the most of the characteristics assigned to Pulsatilla but they are of a more chronic form under this drug.
 Sepia is very frequently indicated in the constipation of uterine origin, and especially in pregnant women. Frequent but ineffectual efforts at stool or followed only by an emission of wind and mucosities; prolapse of the rectum at stool, or a constrictive pain in the rectum spreading to the perineum and vagina; displacement of the uterus, leucorrhoea, rheumatic, haemorrhoidal or herpetic diathesis; emaciation; pyrosis, dyspepsia with sensation of cold in the stomach alternating with headache, migraine, are all indications for the use of Sepia.
 Lilium tig. resembles many of the symptoms of Sepia.
 Nux vom. and Ignatia alternately are often of great service in the constipation of pregnant women. For the same condition we have also, Bryonia, Sulphur, Lycopodium, and Alumina.
 Collinsonia for constipation and haemorrhoids in consequence of the congestive inertia of the large intestine, a state which often occurs during the middle and later months of pregnancy. This drug also includes in its sphere of action, dysmenorrhoea, pruritus vulvae and even prolapsus uteri.
 Platina is useful in many cases of chronic constipation in hysterical women, subject to menorrhagia, when there is displacement of the uterus, and also in lying-in women. Nymphomania will be additional indication. This latter complication may require Gratiola.
 Bryonia is in a certain sense to be considered almost as a specific in the constipation of lying-in women. Dr. Leadam, however, prefers in place of it – except in some subject of bilious temperament – Nux vomica; but whichever of these two remedies he may choose, he always administers Hepar sulph. in alternation with it; he also gives, if necessary, Plumbum in the morning, and Opium in the evening, still reserving for obstinate cases Zincum. Beside Platina already mentioned, we would cite Antimonium.
 According to Dr. Ludlam, when there exists at the same time paralysis of the rectum and uterine displacements, the best remedies are : Alumina, Nux vom., Natrum mur., Plumbum, Opium, Belladonna, Sulphur, Zincum, and Lycopodium. 

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Ustilago is one of good remedies in Homeopathy for Uterine enlargement with cloated menses. you can try this remedy in mother tincture form.

Lakshmi vutukuri
3 years ago

Sir I am suffering from Bulky uterus with large cloated menses. any suggestion from Homeopathy for bulky uterus.