– Pulford


Lupoid cancer; crusty, scabby eruption on nose, down – like, with deep fissures, sensitive to touch; heat, 7 evening; ulcers, sensitive to air. (L): Heat, evening and night; hard swelling. Cold sores on lips, like Natr-m.; Camph. in the beginning; when well advanced, amelioration and prevents their return. Herpes following course of supra – orbital nerve, severe pains as if eyes would be drawn back into head.

squire-alex-balmanno-diseases-of-skin-london-1865-rupial-lupoid-syphilides%20 Hepar Sulphuris:Pain, to ear, as from a splinter, on turning head or yawning.

Taste bitter after chill, Spong., during; ulcers on gums with lardaceous bases. (L): Pustules on tongue; sensitive to touch.

Abscess at roots of filled Teeth.

Pain, to ear, as from a splinter, on turning head or yawning. (L): As of a bone in teeth; inflamed, after Merc.; pain, as from a splinter, on swallowing; stitching pain, to ear; pulsating. Chronically inflamed tonsils, with deafness. Choking is as characteristic of Calc-s. as with Hep., but Hep. is aggravation cold air, Calc-s. amelioration. Indicated after Bar-c. and Bell. in tonsilitis; these three remedies run as follows; Bell. in the onset; Bar-c. after the Bell. dryness and fever have subsided, and Hep. if suppuration threatens. As from a crumb or fishbone in Throat.

19624 Hepar Sulphuris:Pain, to ear, as from a splinter, on turning head or yawning.
Pain, to ear, as from a splinter

Empty eructations, from mental exertion. (L): Desires vinegar; pain, on blowing nose. Plainest food disagree, like Carb-v. Dyspepsia amelioration by condiments. Strong comfortable feeling after a meal; Chel. after a hearty meal.

5F7AC-eructation Hepar Sulphuris:Pain, to ear, as from a splinter, on turning head or yawning.
Empty eructations

Inguinal abscess. Abscess of inguinal gland; bubo.

Stools difficult, even when soft and claylike, like Alum.; or, frequent, brown, frothy, strains much; children cry.

Urine dribbles, drops down perpendicularly. (L): Haemorrhage, from urethra, after urination; last part of urine bloody; blood flows from urethra, after urination. Oily film on surface of urine. Orifice of urethra red and inflamed, like Sulph. Obliged to wait a long time before urine passes, Natr-m. especially if any one is near, seems never to be able to finish, it drops vertically down and some always seems to remain in bladder.

17745-Mischievious-Caucasian-Boy-Baring-His-Buns-While-Urinating-On-A-Fire-Hydrant-And-Looking-Back-At-The-Viewer-Clipart-Illustration Hepar Sulphuris:Pain, to ear, as from a splinter, on turning head or yawning.
Urine dribbles, drops down perpendicularly

Excoriation of made Genitalia; moisture between scrotum and thigh; leucorrhoea, odor of old cheese.

Constriction of Larynx, on inhaling; croup, aggravation lying; stitching pain in Larynx after supper; trachea sensitive to touch; voice weak, during heat. Pain in Larynx from cold air. Croup: rotation in cough: Acon., Hep and Spong. Hep. should be used cautiously in membranous croup, even in later stages, as overdosing is apt to cause recurrence of the more acute symptoms; Hep. follows well Spong.; Spong. should only be given after Hep. when it has aggravation the cough and caused return of the former symptoms; Hep. is never to be given in cough when there is hot dry skin, only when the child is sweaty and weak; it must be differentiated from Kali-bi. and Brom., neither of which is indicated when there is fever, the tenacious secretions decide the choice of Kali-bi., and the spasmodic character of the cough, etc., Brom.

NU219015 Hepar Sulphuris:Pain, to ear, as from a splinter, on turning head or yawning.
Pain in Larynx after supper
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