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When the allopaths, among whom we mention more particularly Record of Paris, maintain that gonorrhoea in the female is most easily cured if it only affects the vulva; less easily if it is located in the urethra; still less easily if the vagina is invaded by the disease, and least easily if the cavity of the uterus is involved in it: this radical error is in the first place owing to the fact that French pathologists comprehend by the term gonorrhoea, without regard to specific causes, all such inflammations of the sexual organs as are attended with secretions from the affected parts, distinguishing the inflammation according as this or that part is affected, by such special names as vulvitis, vaginitis and urethritis; in the second place the error arises from their faulty system of treatment, which leads them to suppress the symptoms (the inflammation, and the discharge) by external applications. Any one who knows what is meant by a radical homoeopathic cure, not a mere removal of the specific cause of the disease itself, must know that the locality of the disease neither facilitates nor impedes its cure, and that howsoever difficult it may be to heal many other uterine catarrhs and vaginal blenorrhoeas occasioned by non-contagious causes, affections of the female organs depending upon the gonorrhoeal or upon the chancre-virus, are all of them, easily cured with their specific remedies, as soon as the poison which sustains their existence is annihilated in the organism.

si55550940 Gonorrhoea in the female - prognosis :
Gonorroea prognosis

Where a cure is delayed, as may be the case with syphilitic uterine or vaginal catarrhs, the cause is not to be sought in the anatomical relations of the affected parts, but in the peculiar nature of the malady. In this respect we offer the following distinctions: Simple acute gonorrhoea, whatever the affected parts, is most easily cured; next, we cure most easily gleetish discharges remaining after the acute form of gonorrhoea has passed away; by far the greatest difficulty is experienced in the treatment of truly syphilitic discharges and products, or such as are traceable to the action of the chancre-virus, especially if they are of a secondary nature, provided always that there is such a thing as secondary gonorrhoea. This point, however, will be discussed in the third division of this work.

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