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According to Shah the main theme of Elaps is the dread of being alone and when alone fears that something is going to happen. A feeling of threat as if he is going to be beaten up, feeling as if ruffians are going to break in, which explains the desire for company. Some very important features of Elaps are the amelioration while travelling by car (Naja), playing in the grass (“playful, desires to play in the grass) and the dreams of being raped, attacked (Cenchris, Sepia).
The special action which this poison seems to exercise on the right side, the paralysis, the lancinations, have appeared to me worthy of attention. The gyratory motions, the desire to move to and fro, the scaling off of the epidermis and several symptoms relating to the disposition and the mind, seem to deserve the attention of the philosophical physician.
Vermeulen’s synoptic i
Blood. Nose. Ears. Throat. * Right side.
Worse: Cold; cold drinks, cold food. Dampness. Night. In room.
Better: Walking (} epistaxis, pain in stomach and lungs). Lying on abdomen (} pain in stomach).
Desire for solitude. Aversion to company, avoids the sight of people, wants to get into the country away from people (1; Calc.). (Mind: Play, playful, desires to play in the grass (1/1).) Yet dread of being alone.
Dread of being alone, out of fear: fear of rain, anxiety during rain, fear of apoplexy, fear of robbers, fear of snakes.
“Like the other snake remedies. Sort of suspicious type, like a Lachesis personality, a suspiciousness, a haughtiness, definitely a quality of ‘evil’; might be capable of doing something bad; especially women, in particular when in combination with menstrual problems and a great craving for salads. Has to be a strong craving.”
Similar to Lachesis. “Elaps is distinguished from the other serpent venoms by the pre-eminent blackness of its discharges and haemorrhages.” Mostly used in uterine complaints, menstrual problems, haemorrhages, especially when very much worse from exertion; copious flow from just walking around.
BLACK discharges.
Marked craving for SALADS, ORANGES, ice, milk, buttermilk, whipped cream.
Right side stronger affected. “Right side feels paralyzed, weak or insensible” (Boger). (Reverse of Lach.)
Worse LYING on ABDOMEN (2).
RIGHT-sided paralysis (2).
“E.V. Moffat has found Elaps 6 almost a specific in chronic naso-pharyngeal catarrh, with greenish crusts and subjective disagreeable odor” (Clarke).
Cold drinks feel like ice in stomach.
Pain in stomach better lying on abdomen (2/1).
Desquamating eruptions on tips of fingers.
1. Desire to travel, on account of desire for solitude. Yet fearful when alone.
2. Worse Right side. Chilly persons.
3. Black discharges.
4. Desire for salads, oranges, whipped cream, buttermilk.
5. } Lying on abdomen.

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