– A case of amiotrophic lateral sclerosis (B.Gray)
 20 August 1991:

 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 

 41 yo. male, emergency room physician, living in SW US.
 ALS symptoms since March 1991.
 Fasciculations randomly over entire body.
 Generalized muscle weakness.
 2 neurologists agree with diagnosis but cannot definitely confirm.
 Obs: Very anxious (2).
 Shiny skin (2).
 Sits properly (2).
 Whites of eyes visible all around (3).
 Began with occasional twitching in right quadriceps.
 Had been working-out a lot.
 Hiked 17 miles in the Grand Canyon.
 Lost sleep during camp at night.
 Twitching in feet began then.
 Now twitches in right calf (2).
 Accompanied with severe fatigue (3).
 Felt as if spaced out, cotton-headed (2).
 So he took time off work, which improved fatigue considerably.
 However muscle weakness and fasciculations persisted.
 Consulted neurologist who confirmed ALS as most probable diagnosis.
 Shoulders ache (2).
 amel. amel. massage (2).
 Tries to get his mind off this through meditation.
 Vague rubbery quality to muscles (2).
 agg. agg. right leg (2). Had a slipped disc affecting right leg in past.
 Twitching can cause soreness (2).
 History of acid reflux (2), amel. amel. being off work. Took Zantac also.
 Fungus of toenails, treated in past with Griseofulvin.
 Feels “springy,” as if hyper-reflexic (1).
 Jerks on falling asleep (2).
 agg. agg. morning before moving around (2).
 amel. amel. warm shower (2).
 agg. agg. if chilled in sleep (2).
 agg. agg. after a long walk (2).
 To gently cure deep chronic pathology with a single dose of a single remedy is the ultimate accomplishment of the homeopath. Here, Dr. Bill Gray, makes it look easy. It is interesting to note that the remedy source that cleared this case is found in abundance in the geographical setting where the ALS pathology first emerged.
 Ignored stress of ER job.
 Feels bored in job.
 All-night shifts 2-4 times/month, which “wrecks” his biological clock.
 It is a violent community, so he sees many trauma cases.
 5 yrs. ago trained as Gestalt therapist. As a result of break-up of relationship (He is gay).
 Anxiety about future plans because of disease (3).
 agg. heat above 115°, but loves sun.
 Likes skiing.
 Dislikes claustrophobia of prolonged rainy weather.
 Initially, strong fear of dying (2), especially of ALS.
 Cried a lot.
 Always a pragmatist. Life is a mystery: “So be it.”
 Has always been a closed person in past.
 “I’m too young to die.” (3).
 Ques: “Did you ever have a similar feeling to this?”
 Age 5, mother whacked him once.
 This remained frozen in his memory, an issue in therapy.
 It was “a breech of trust”(2).
 He still is mistrustful of panhandlers (2).
 Took a long time to “come out” as a gay, age 29.
 Not promiscuous. Some perfunctory relationships.
 Now in long-standing relationship.
 Onset: at camp with adolescents, counseling, etc.
 A trusted counselor-friend told him one night he was molested by aliens.
 This terrified patient, that he might be attacked as well.
 Felt fearful (2), mistrustful (2).
 If loses sleep, grouchy (2).
 Desires raw fish (2) sweets (2).
 Thirstless (1).
 Claustrophobia, in MRI only.
 Neat (1).
 Becomes manic and cleans, organizes, with a restlessness (2).
 Assessment: History of frights with ongoing wide-eyed appearance.
 Plan: Stramonium 200c
 22 October 1991:
 fasciculations (1) a lot amel. amel., about 50%.
 Muscle strength greatly improved, amel. amel..
 Able to do everything without any anxiety about health.
 Muscles a little tired (1) after painting an entire cabin in one day.
 Recovers faster from weak spells, amel. amel..
 No aggravation, just a gradual improvement.
 The spell after painting occurred about 10 days after remedy.
 Feels more peaceful in general!
 In October, worked 5 all-night shifts.
 A little acid reflux (1), but much better than usual, amel. amel. amel..
 No rubbery leg sensation.
 Toenail fungus (2) persists.
 Wakes earlier, more refreshed.
 More “laid back” with people. Less self-conscious (1).
 Less mistrustful in San Francisco amel. amel. amel..
 Less desire for fish.
 No desire for sweets.
 Thirsty (1) for cool (1).
 Normal temperature tolerance.
 Flatulence (2), same as before.
 Impression: Remedy is acting.
 Plan: Wait.
 26 October 1992:
 “No complaints at all.”
 Plans to move, begin anesthesiology training.
 Occasional fasciculations if very stressed, but “absolutely benign in his being.”
 Energy fine despite stresses of moving, etc. amel. amel. amel..
 Anxiety completely gone. amel. amel. amel..
 Very little heartburn amel. amel. amel..
 Sex drive low lately (1).
 22 February 1994:
 Living in Oregon undergoing rigors of residency.
 States he has no symptoms whatsoever. 

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