Vassilis Ghegas once told me that in a case of epilepsy, he would prefer to find a neurological remedy (such as Stramonium, Agaricus, etc.) indicated rather than a polycrest remedy. He felt that the likelihood of cure was better when such remedies were indicated. While I have seen Calcarea Carbonica cure many cases of convulsive disorder, there is something to what he said. Stramonium perfectly matches the deep disturbance of the psyche caused by a violent episode such as rape. It is therefor not surprising to see a rapid response to the remedy. What was remarkable about this case was that three different mania type remedies were required in series. The central nervous system had been affected deeply in the child and only through such a sequence of remedies could cure be effected. The patient is now in his sixth year under my care and is steadily progressing.
 Six year old male.
 cc: Epilepsy
 Past history:
 Mother had gestational diabetes.
 At age 2-1/2 months had the DPT vaccine followed by fever and one week later had his first seizure. Following the seizure he became floppy and had regression of development.
 At age 4 he had begun to catch up to his normal developmental level though remained clumsy and easily falling. Repeated falling episodes led to an EEG and a diagnosis of epilepsy.
 Was placed on Depokane.
 At age 5 was raped by a male babysitter, with severe aggravation of epilepsy.
 Severe behavior disorder (3).
 Nightmares (3).
 Fears (3).
 Insomnia (2).
 Aggressive (3). Striking at others. Kicking.
 Grabs other children’s genitals.
 Lonely (3). Doesn’t have any friends.
 Angry (3). Talks about killing people (2). Swears (2).
 Moods changeable. Asks for one thing then rejects it.
 Fears: People will hurt him (2). Poison (2).
 Disgust (3).
 Grand Mal convulsions.
 Even Status Epilepticus.
 Worse from being scolded (2).
 Up to 3 per week despite medication.
 Severe muscular weakness (2). Tired and weak.
 Speech: Unclear, slow, has an inspiratory stridor.
 Sensation of a seed in the urethra (2).
 Sensation of worms in the rectum (2).
 Enuresis nightly (2).
 Chilly (2).
 Photophobia (3). Hates the sun.
 Sweats on head at night during sleep (2).
 Thirsty (2).
 Craves: Chips (2). Cheese (2).
 Averse: Sweets.
 Sleep: On abdomen.
 Dreams about a skull and cross bones.
 Treatment: Stramonium 1M, single dose.
 3 Day follow-up:
 High fever for the past 24 hours – 104.3 degrees
 Examination is negative.
 Treatment: None, wait.
 3 week follow-up
 Appetite improved.
 No seizures.
 Energy and strength much improved.
 No enuresis.
 More cooperative. Whining and crying (2).
 Worm sensation gone. Urethral irritation gone.
 Fear of people and poison remain unchanged.
 Hates to have water come on his face (new symptom).
 Photophobia remains.
 2 year follow-up:
 “A miracle” -parents.
 None since the Stramonium. Still on Depokane.
 Teasing, provoking (3). Silly behavior.
 Not truly aggressive.
 Hard to concentrate (2). Learning delays (2). Dyslexia (2).
 Ignores his work.
 Startles easily (3).
 Made friends with several children who are younger -none his age.
 Coordination is still poor. Posture poor. Pot-belly.
 Sensation of worms in the rectum (2).
 Averse: Sweets (3).
 Grabbing other childrens genitals (2).
 Treatment: Hyoscyamus 200c.
 3 year follow-up:
 No seizures at all. A recent EKG was normal for the first time.
 Neurologist began to taper the Depokane this month.
 Behavior has been bad again recently (2).
 Angry at home (2).
 Violent (3). Striking.
 Swearing (3).
 Disatisfied (2). Complaining. Dictatorial at home (2).
 Teasing, abusing, choking a new child at school. Is now ostracized at school.
 No longer sexual behavior.
 Math skills improved. Concentration improved.
 Treatment: Anacardium 200c.
 4 year follow-up:
 Tremendous improvement.
 No seizures. Off all medications for over 14 months.
 Behavior is remarkably improved.
 No aggressive or sexual behavior.
 Honest, naive, sweet-natured.
 Much fear for his sibling (whom he used to abuse).
 Roger Morrison, MD, was one of Vithoulkas’ early-favorite students. He is senior director of the Hahnemann Medical Clinic, and College, in Albany, California, Roger travels extensively, lecturing around the world. He is the author of the current best seller Desktop Guide to Keynotes and Confirmatory Symptoms, (“Morrison’s Keynotes”). 

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