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– Article by Dr Sunitha Devi Vannemreddy M.D(Hom)
untitled Urethral Stricture Homeopathic Remedies and TreatmentThe urethra is the opening that allows the urine to leave the bladder. Urethra has a sphincter mechanism that holds urine inside the bladder. When urine fills in the bladder, there is both voluntary and involuntary control to open the urethra to allow the urine to come out. In men, it is a thin tube-like structure that starts from the lower opening of the bladder, traverses the entire length of the penis. In women, it is a short opening coming off lower opening of the bladder and between 2.5 to 4 cms length.
Urethral stricture refers to narrowing of the urethra for any other reason, whether or not it actually impacts the flow of urine out of the bladder. Urethral stricture caused by injury, instrumentation, infection and some non-inflammatory causes of urethritis or by the formation of scar tissue. Scar tissue can be the result of many factors.
Causes of urethral stricture: It can be caused by many factors. It is mostly affected by males than females. Young boys who have hypospadias surgery (procedure to correct the underdeveloped urethra). And men who have penile implants have the higher chance of getting urethral stricture.
A straddle injury is the common type of cause of urethral
stricture. Examples of straddle injury are getting hit by cycle bar, falling
and affecting the scrotum. Other specific causes including pelvic fracture,
catheter insertion, radiation and surgery performed on the prostate.
Urethral stricture after blunt trauma can be divided into,
  • Pelvic fracture associated urethral disruption
    occurs in the severe pelvic fracture.
  • Blunt trauma to perineum compresses the bulbar
    urethra against pubic symphysis, causing a crush injury.

Tumors located in close proximity of urethra, untreated

urinary tract infection, lichen sclerosis, and sexually transmitted diseases
like gonorrhea also causes the urethral stricture.
Surgery to address hypospadias can result in delayed
urethral stricture, even decades after original surgery.
Signs and symptoms:
·          Hallmark sign of urethral stricture is weak
urinary stream.
Splaying of urinary stream
Urinary frequency
Urinary urgency
Straining for urination.
Pain during urination
Urinary tract infection
Inability to empty the bladder
Urinary retention
Urinary incontinence
Blood in urine (hematuria)
Semen in urine (semenuria)
Discharge from urethra
Reduced ejaculation force
Penile swelling

Risk factors for urethral stricture:

Most men are at risk compared to women.
Who have had one or more STI’s (sexually
transmitted infections)
Who has used a catheter
Who have urethritis
Who has prostate enlargement?
Urinary retention
Bladder dysfunction
Urinary diverticulum
Periurethral abscess
Fournier’s gangrene
Urethral fistula
Bilateral hydronephrosis
Urinary infection
Urinary calculus


To diagnose the urethral stricture,
Reviewing the complaints, medical history and
past illnesses.
Performance of physical examination. Observing the
penis for redness, hardness, and swelling.
images Urethral Stricture Homeopathic Remedies and Treatment
Tests like,
measuring the rate of flow during urination
(urine analysis)
analyzing the physical and chemical properties
of urine (urine culture)
Measuring the size of urethral opening and tests
for chlamydia, gonorrhea (urethral culture).
Examination of prostate and screening for
prostate cancer and measurement of prostate-specific antigen (PSA)
Imaging and endoscopic studies are necessary to
confirm the diagnosis and identifying the cause of urethral stricture.
Common imaging and endoscopic tests are,
Ultrasound of urethra
Retrograde urethrogram
Anterograde cystourethrogram
Main aim of urethral stricture treatment is, to improve the
flow of urination, the betterment of complaints like pain, redness, swelling and
dribbling of urination and avoiding the possible complications of urethral

Treatments available in Allopathy:

Urethral dilatation – widening of
the stricture. This procedure will be done under general anaesthesia and involves
passing thin metal rod into urethra. Slowly widens the stricture until no
this procedure, flow of urine improves; emptying bladder will reduce the
urinary tract infection.
with this procedure, pain while passing urination, bleeding, passing urine more
often are the complications. Recurrence of stricture may often occur.
Optical Urethrotomy – internal cutting
along stricture. This procedure will be done under general anaesthesia and it
is a simple surgery using the special telescopic electric knife to remove the
part of stricture which is blocking the flow. Complete stricture cannot be
removed with this procedure.
With this procedure, flow of urine improved, emptying of bladder will
reduce possible infections.
After this surgery person can be recovered and back to normal life
within two weeks.               Possible
complications with this procedure are pain while passing urine, hematuria,
infections and recurrence of stricture.
Urethroplasty – open repair of stricture.
It is a surgical repair of urethra. Depending on length and location of
urethral stricture, options available are,
Excision of stricture and reconnection of
healthy urethra
Excision of stricture and reconnection with
Graft reconstruction alone.
Recovery rates are better. Flow of urine and discomfort while passing
urination improved and urinary tract infections are reduced. Person can go back
to normal life after four weeks of surgery.
complications with this surgery includes,
Bleeding, infections
Injury to adjacent organs and structures and
their functions
Chronic pain
Possible changes in sexual functions, like, poor
erection, penile curvature and changes in ejactulation may occur.
Holmium laser endourethrotomy – It is
laser operation of urethral stricture, which doesn’t require much time and less
possibility of infection. In this technique, person need not to stay too long
in hospital and simple procedure to remove the stricture urethra with laser.
Advantages are:
Less post operative pain.
Less bleeding
Less post operative infection.
Recovery is faster than normal surgical
Urine flow improves.
Complications are lesser than other procedures but chances
of recurrence of stricture are one of the complications.

Urethral stricture treatment with Ayruveda:

Ayurveda is mainly based on ingredients of medicinal plants.
For urethral stricture treatment, they use both oral and local applicants. They
claim that prescribed use of oral medication like kashyam and powders along
with milk and medicinal application of oils to urethra will relieve the
They claim that, with ayurvedic medication, patients
complaints like, flow of urine improves, pain and swelling and other associated
complaints are completely relieved and recurrence of urethral stricture are
very less.

Urethral stricture treatment with Homeopathy:

Homeopathy is constitutional and conventional treatment in
which main aim is to relieve the complaints in mild, gentle and permanent way.
Person to be treated mentally, emotionally and physically, as a whole, which
improves the health and living style. In urethral stricture treatment, for
allopathy there is no medical treatment instead of surgical interventions which
leaves some complications. But in homeopathy there is wide range of medicines
are there to prescribe, according to the totality of the complaints.
Advantages and aims of Homeopathic treatment are,
Flow of the urine improves
Associated complaints like pain, swelling
Urethral stricture due to injury or hurts is
treated with root cause.
Urethral stricture due to urinary tract
infections or gonorrhoea like STD’s are treated with homeopathic medications
which relieves the stricture complaints.
Prostatic problems or other complaints which
causes urethral stricture are treated with homeopathy which successfully
relieves the complaints.
It eases the flow of urine, dribbling of urine
and urine retention.
It acts on urinary muscles and membranes to
avoid further progression and complications of complaints.
It will reduce or prolong the chances of
recurrence of urethral stricture.
Homeopathy relieves the complaints after
dilations and other surgical procedures.
Side effects of other conventional treatments or
surgical procedures are treated with homeopathy without any side effects.

Homeopathic rubrics for urethral strictures:

Urethra, stricture
Urethra, stricture, bruised pain in testes with
Urethra, stricture, convulsive, spasmodic
Urethra, constriction, convulsive, spasmodic
Urethra, constriction, urination during
Urethra, haemorrhages, gonorrhoea, after
Urethra, haemorrhages, urination, after
Urethra, inflammation, chronic
Urethra, narrowing of
Urethra, pain, drawing.
Urethra, pain, agonising
Urethra, pain, drawing, urination after
Urethra, pain, dragging, extending to bladder
Urethra, tumor
Urine, bloody
Bladder, urination, difficult
Bladder, urination, dribbling by drops
Bladder, urination, dribbling by drops,
retention with
Bladder, urination, dysuria, stricture with
Bladder, urination, interrupted
Bladder, urination, unsatisfactory, bladder was
not emptying, as if dribbling
Urethra, gonorrhoea, suppressed.

Best remedies for urethral stricture:

cantharis, clematis, nitric acidum, petroleum, puls, apis, berberis,
conium, indigo, kali iod, merc, petroselinum, sulph iod.
Cantharis: Retention of urine with cramp like pain in
bladder. Urgent and ineffectual effort to urinate, with painful emission, drop
by drop. Urination is difficult, weak and scattered. Urine is pale yellow or
deep red coloured. Flow of sanguineous mucus from bladder. Emission of blood. Purulent
urine. Burning and smarting on urination. Incisive pain in the front part of
urethra during and after urination. Sharp, tearing, incisive pains, successive
pulling and pulsations in the urinary organs. Burning, stinging and tearing in
kidneys. Pressing pain in the kidneys extending to bladder along ureters
relieved by pressing upon glans. Exceedingly painful sensibility of the region
of bladder on touching.
Clematis: Burning sensation and smarting in urethra,
on commencing to urinate. Stitching sensation in urethra extending to abdomen. Contraction
in urethra, with urine stopping suddenly or flowing drop by drop. Jerk like
tearing pain in the front part of urethra during intervals. Purulent urine. Urine
is turbid, milky with violent pain while passing last drops.
Nitric acidum: Frequent want to urinate, with scanty emission
of deep coloured urine. Incontinence of urine. Painful emission of urine. Micturition
in thin stream from stricture.  Urine is
cold when passed. Foetid, strong smelled urine like horse’s urine. Smarting and
burning pain in urethra while passing urine. Swelling of orifice of urethra. Needle
like stitches in orifice of urethra. Ulcers in urethra. Discharge of mucus
sanguineous kind of.
Petroleum: Constant dribbling of urine after
micturition. Discharge of mucus from urine. Frequent emission of urine with
scanty flow. Urine is bloody or turbid with deposits of red slimy sand. Involuntary
discharge of urine especially during night. Burning pain in urethra. Stricture urethra
after chronic urethritis.
Pulsatilla: Contraction of urethra with small stream
of urine. Burning pain during micturition. Burning during and after urination. Pulling
and pressure in urethra extending to bladder. Contraction in urethra with
soreness in that region. Swelling at urethra with soreness when touched, intermittent
stream of urine with violent pain dragging to bladder. Urine is watery colourless,
brown and bloody. Severe alternating pains which changes position frequently. Associated
with great anxiety. Old cases of gonorrhoea.
Apis: Burning and soreness when urinating. Strangury.
Pain in the urethra with soreness on pressure and while stooping.  Frequent desire for urination with passage of
only few drops. Urine is scant and high coloured with thirstlessness. Incontinence
of when coughing and other circumstances. Burning and stinging pain in urethra,
as if scalded.  Bladder is very painful
after tenesmus and after urination. Urine is dark, frothy and sediments like
coffee grounds.
Berberis: Incisive pains in urethra even not
urinating. Smarting pain in urethra with sensation of excoriation, even during
emission of semen during coition. Motion excites and aggravates pain in
urethra. Burning pain in urethra during and after urination but more after
urination. Stitching and shooting pains extending to loins and thighs.  Urine is pale yellow, slimy and gelatinous.
Conium: Incisive pain in urethra during urination. Burning
and shooting pain urethra especially after urination. Viscid mucus mixed with
blood, which cannot be passed without severe pain. Urine flow drop by drop
stops suddenly and doesn’t begin to flow for some moment. Pressure in the
bladder with violent stitching pain bladder which is more while walking and
better by sitting.
Indigo: suitable remedy for stricture urethra. Violent
contraction of urethra with pain in bladder. Painful emission of small
quantities of turbid urine. Frequent desire to urinate with difficulty in
urination associated with thirstlessness.
Mercuris: Affections of urethra with continued want
of urination with scanty flow. Flow of urine is like drop by drop. Urine is
deep coloured, turbid and offensive smell. Thick, hard sediments of mucus from
urine. Discharge of blood from urethra.  Pulsating, shooting pains in urethra even
not urinating. Thick greenish discharge from urethra from gonorrhoea.
Petroselinum: constant dribbling of urine after
micturition. Discharge of mucus with urine. Frequent emission of urine with
scanty, bloody and foetid flow of urine. Burning of urethra. Stricture urethra
after chronic urethritis.
Sulph iod: Itching in urethra. Frequent micturitions especially
in the morning with scanty and painful flow of urine. Stricture urethra. Shooting
pain in bladder extending to urethra. Urine is thick, whitish and creamy.
These are some of the indicated remedies which help in
urethral stricture cases. But proper case taking and drawing the personality of
the patient by taking totality of mental, emotional and physical symptoms of
the patient, analysing and repertorising the symptoms will give a correct
constitutional remedy which suits the person. With this classical homeopathy we
can treat the cases of urethral stricture by relieving from complaints,
improving the well being of the person and reducing the complications of the
case. But at the same time we have to understand our scope and limitations with
homeopathic system of medicine. This process will give us successful cases.
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    Symptoms of urethral strictures that weak stream and groin pain

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      Urethral stricture from suppression of STD's can be cured with Homeopathic Medicines.
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  2. Urethra stricture after urethroplasty
    Reason for Today's Visit (Present Complaints):*: I have multiple health issues but at this time I am wanting to work on the urethral stricture that has occurred after having surgery to remove scar tissue from my urethra due to damage from improper insertion of catheter in the past. Things seem to be healing well after the surgery but now 3 months later feels as though the stricture has occurred near the prostate and perhaps along there urethra. I have a slope in stream moderate Force I do need to apply contractual force of the bladder to get this train going. If I relax the stream may or may not stop but towards the end I can spit or urine 2 to 3 more times. There is pain in the urethra near the prostate between my legs from surgery does not increase while urinating. Is worse when sitting if I sit on the area also stricture at the head of the penis that's where it started

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    1. Thuja, nitric acid 200 and causticum are good remedies but need more symptoms to suggest remedy.

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    1. Please take BERB VULGARIS 30c weekly once 2 pills for one month.

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      Do you can explain your case according to case sheet, so that I can suggest you right Homeopathic remedy for Urethral stricture. download Homeopathic case sheet here.

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