– Benson A.R

Normal stools are soft, yellow, and occur from one to three times a day.
If the stools become loose, green, or contain undigested curds, the formula must be changed and the infant must receive medical attention. This is especially important if the stools are accompanied by colic and vomiting. These conditions appearing in hot weather are alarming and must not be neglected. Temporarily all milk should be withdrawn and barley water used instead.
Constipation is more common in artificially fed infants than in breast fed. It is due to different causes but need not cause alarm, provided there is one movement daily.
In the majority of cases it is necessary to make a change in the formula. It is sometimes helped by substituting one tablespoonful of brown sugar for one tablespoonful of the milk sugar in the formula. Often the addition of a few ounces of oatmeal water in the formula in place of the same number of ounces of boiled water or barley water is sufficient for a cure. In infants over nine months, orange juice or prune juice may be given, a teaspoonful at a time. In older children where the condition tends to become habitual, the child should receive careful medical attention, and should never be dosed indiscriminately with cathartics. Olive oil only may be given.

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