Beta Thalassemia in a female treated with Staphysagria 0/1 Homeopathy Fifty millesimal potency:

A patient Mrs. Ghosh Dgp came for a consultation with symptoms of Thalassemia Type Hb E-Beta Thalassemia. She is suffering for 9 yrs with Thalassemia. In this case, her HB percentage was 6.5 gms, ESR 48mm 1st hr & 92mm in 2nd Homeopathic remedy. She is also facing the problem of constipation, Amenorrhea for 10 months. Staphysagria 0/1 fifty millesimal potency was used with great success in this case.

Staphysagria Fifty millesimal for Thalassemia

Past history of the women suffering from Thalassemia?

In the past, she suffered from diarrhea frequently. She had an attack of chickenpox 26 years back. 24 years back underwent cesarean section. Her health was disturbed more particularly after the Cesarean section.

Family history of the women where Staphysagria was used for Thalassemia:

Her father has Osteoporosis knee pain.  Elder Uncle has Asthma. Her Elder Uncle’s two daughters & two sons died with Thalassemia. Her elder Brother also had Thalassemia. Untie had Asthma/ Hypertension. Grandmother had a Stroke.

General symptoms of the women:

She is intolerant to cold air and having aversion to the rainy season. The woman was very shy in nature. She desires chilly, warm foods. She does not like the company of people.

How did I reach Staphysagria Fifty millesimal Homeopathic medicine in this case of Thalassemia?

However, all rubrics indicate two Homeopathic medicines, Arsenicum Album & Cuprum metallicum. I considered Staphysagria with respect to her family history and past history of symptoms. Another reason for selecting Staphysagria is, the patient was sicker after the cesarean section.

Potency I selected, in this case, was 0/1 Fifty millesimal potency. To my surprise just after 25 days, her HB % rise 9 gms, ESR 24mm. I feel the past history of the women helped a lot to select the best Homeopathic remedy in this case of Thalassemia.

Case Presentation by Dr.Sandip dey Dgp, WB India

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