– American Institute of Homoeopathy,65th Session, 1910,

China Off. – Expectoration. – A lady, aged thirty, had abscess at bottom of right lung, with expectoration of gray, white, stringy, tenacious mucus, full of white granules, blood and pus (shown by the microscope), cough loose, causing vomiting of food, with loud whooping spasms three or four times in succession. After the above symptoms had been cured, had occasional cough, expectorating lumps of white phlegm, full of black grains, size of a small pinhead. China 30x removed this expectoration in two days; no return, patient convalescent.
 Zinc Metal – Urinating. – A gentleman about forty-five cannot pass his water standing, but only when sitting down. Zincum, twelfth trituration, immediately removed the trouble.
 Lilium Tigrinum as a Heart Remedy. – A prominent symptom calling for Lilium tigrinum is a sensation as if the heart were being squeezed in a vise, and as if all the blood had gone from the heart, which produces a feeling as if the patient must bend double. There is also an inability to walk straight. A fluttering of the heart, which is liable to come on suddenly, is a prominent symptom of Lilium. A feeling of faintness is an accompanying symptom. There is also a sensation of heaviness in the region of the heart and a severe pressive pain, accompanied, with palpitation. The symptoms are worse at night, and are aggravated on lying down. A taste of blood in the mouth is an indicative symptom calling for the administration of this drug, as is also the feeling as if the chest contained too much blood. – Dr. F. Kopp in Homoeopathic World.
 High Potencies. – Chronic diarrhoea. One dose Arsenic 8m. Keynote of the case, chilliness during and after stool. Cured in six weeks without other remedy.
 Uterine Haemorrhage. Dark, stringy blood, with sensation of bounding in the abdomen as of something alive. One dose Crocus 200 cured.
 Colic. Pain extreme with swelling of transverse colon “like a pad.” One dose of Belladonna 200 followed by immediate relief.
 Mastitis. Extreme pain. Breasts inflamed, swollen, tender, axillary glands same. The only relief she could get was by walking the floor. Rhus rad. 200 was followed by immediate relief of distress with discharge of abscess within 24 hours.
 Ulcer of the Leg. Deep, highly inflamed and irritable. Ulcer would apparently almost heal over and suddenly break out aggr. than ever. One dose of Kreosote 200 “cured the leg.”
 Pruritus Vulvae. Cured by two doses Sulphur 55m, the second dose producing vomiting which continued all night.
 Remedies were Jenichen high potencies. – Woodbury, in Recorder.
 I have taken the trouble to demonstrate by means of experiments performed during the last twelve months in the laboratory of the St. Jacques’ Hospital, that the thirteenth dilution of salts of silver and mercury, made according to Hahnemann’s method (i. e., with thirty separate bottles), has still an incontestable action upon the development of Aspergillus niger, I can, therefore, affirm that the thirtieth Hahnemannian dilution has an action upon the living cell, but I am still waiting to hear that similar experiments have demonstrated the action of the 20,000th dilution. – Jousset, L’Art Medicale. – Clinique. 

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