Large, hard masses, light colored; Difficult expulsion, even of the soft stool.
 Before stool
 [Faeces remain a long time in the rectum as if it had lost the power of expulsion with sensation of soreness]; Obstruction of the bowels from inactivity of the rectum, with pain and ineffectual desire for stool.
 During stool 
 Prolonged efforts which render the muscles of the abdomen sore, but when partly expelled the faecal matter returns into the rectum; [Protruding haemorrhoids which become incarcerated.]
 Gastralgia accompanied sometimes with pyrosis, sometimes with hiccough, or nausea and glairy vomiting; there is heat, weight, sensitiveness, and a feeling of constriction; flatulency, eructations, somnolency, languor, coldness of the extremities, loss of appetite, slow and painful digestion, often a canine hunger which cannot be satisfied. [Stitches and shooting pains in the anus; Constipation before and after the menses.]
 [In sanguine lymphatic temperaments, and when associated with chronic, scrofulous, suppurative diseases. For the constipation of badly nourished children, with pale, earthy face; copious perspiration about the head; large and hard abdomen; aversion to warm food. Loss of expulsive force with a large but soft stool is a characteristic condition calling for this remedy.]
 Case 51
 Mrs. J., the mother of four children, and apparently healthy, has suffered for several months with constipation. Close attention to a proper diet had not relieved her. There was frequent urging to stool, without ability to effect an evacuation; the stools were large and hard, and after having partially expelled, would recede back into the rectum. Prescribed Silicea30. Two hours later she had a free evacuation and has remained free from the difficulty since then. –Dr. I. D. Fohnson in Hempel and Arndt’s Mat. Med.
 Case 52 
 Mrs H., aged 26 years and mother of three children, states, that she has suffered from constipation since the birth of her youngest child, three months ago. She had taken the usual cathartic medicines. The stools were hard and dry, were partially expelled with much straining and then receded back into the rectum. Silicea30, one dose each night and morning. Cured with four doses. – Ibid. 

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