Acetic-acid [Acet-ac]
Pale, waxen emaciated countenance, hectic fever, profuse night- sweats; dropsy of feet and legs extending to knees; titillating cough, with much purulent sputum; oppressed breathing; haemoptysis, coughs up blood.
Aconitum [Acon]
As an intercurrent remedy for congestion of blood to chest, with short cough, haemoptysis, and disposition to pneumonia.
Agaricus [Agar]
Incipient tuberculosis; mental solicitude about his condition; tip of tongue studded with small, dirty-yellow aphthae; bad odor from mouth; frequent tickling irritation in windpipe (laryngo- phthisis); short breath in walking, has to stand still to get breath; frequent dry cough after meals; frequent hemming and bringing up small firm lumps of phlegm, without cough; rattling of phlegm in chest, worse mornings and when lying on back; sense of constriction in cardiac region, as if chest were too narrow or too full of blood; severe burning in chest; twitches running across chest in rapid succession, accompanied by pricking; sticking under nipple; small pulse; sticking between shoulder- blades; painful pressure on middle of sternum, (

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