Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety disorders

– Dr.Devendra Kuma MD(Homeo)
Anxiety is the natural phenomenon every living being experience. If the anxiety interfering with your daily life activities then consider it as disorder. There are best natural Homeopathic remedies which help as natural anxiety relief that we have discussed in this article.


Natural-Homeopathic-remedy-for-anxiety Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety disorders

 Who goes to the doctor without any anxiety?
 All degrees of anxiety can be found, from a moderate reactional fear to a threatening anxiety. Stimuli from the environment are assimilated from birth and permit the person to more or less adapt to the world around them.
 During the first consultation, anxiety is one of the essential symptoms to note.
 The second or later consultations, when the patient feels more at ease with their doctor, will often reveal the deeper image and true personality of the patient.
 Drainage of anxiety is a good way to start natural therapy for anxiety.
– Bouko Levy M

6 Best Natural Homeopathic Holistic Remedies for Anxiety disorders in Men,Women and Children:

Aconitum Nepalus is holistic remedy for restlessness and anxiety in which
 temperature is high, very marked excitement, restlessness, and pretty acute anxiety. The patient has a full, bounding pulse, a very flushed face, and a hot dry skin.Generalized anxiety disorder with change in lifestyle. Usually he complains of a very dry mouth which feels hot and tingling and is accompanied by intense thirst. The desire is almost always for cold drinks.

Arsenicum Album is homeopathic remedy for anxiety in men
Right throughout the whole picture there is exactly the same sort of mental state-extreme mental anxiety, extreme fear, The patient is certain he is going to die, he wants attention, wants somebody there, is afraid of being left alone, and wishes to goodness you would get on and do something for him. The appearance of these patients is somewhat suggestive. As a rule they are pale, and rather livid looking, or they may be somewhat cyanotic, and the surface is covered with a cold, clammy, sweat.

Graphites is homeopathic remedy for depression and anxiety in children:
GRAPHITES children are lazy; they have an aversion to work. There is a queer contradiction in the GRAPHITES children. With the uncertainty and hesitation, laziness and general physical sluggishness, there is always an element of anxiety in the children. They always tend to look on the hopeless side of things; if they are going to a new school, they dread it. They are always looking for trouble. The next thing about the GRAPHITES children is that, associated with their pallor, under any stress at all flush up – they have a definitely unstable circulation.

Psorinum is Best Natural remedy for Fear and Generalized anxiety disorder Alternative medicine:Extremely psoric patients; nervous restless, easily startled. All excretions – diarrhoea, leucorrhoea, menses, perspiration – have a carrion-like odor. Anxious, full of fear; evil forebodings. Religious melancholy; very depressed, sad suicidal thoughts; despairs of salvation [Mel.], of recovery. Despondent: fears he will die; that he will fail in business; during climaxis; making his own life and that of those about him intolerable.

Calcarea Arsenicum is Homeopathic Remedy for Palpitation with anxiety in women:
Great mental depression. The slightest emotion causes palpitation of heart. Rush of blood to head and left chest. Epilepsy, from valvular diseases of the heart. Complaints of drunkards, after abstaining; craving for alcohol. Complaints of fleshy women when approaching the menopause.

Kalium Arsenicum is the Natural Home remedy for Nervous women with Anxiety:
Women Scolding, morose, retired, quarrelsome, and discontented, jealous, indifferent to everything, scarcely answered questions addressed to her, or replies to them in a peevish tone, eyes had a fixed look, face looked frightened and anxious, worse every third day. Nervous depression. Great nervousness.

BOUKO LEVY M., Homeopathic and Drainage Repertory Usual homeopathic  treatment for anxiety:
 —  everything takes a frightening importance; hysterical loss of self-control :
 • 3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : IGNATIA 4C
 —  to regulate the neurovegetative system,
 •  one dose, 1 to 3 times a day : MAGNESIUM TRACE ELEMENT
 —  a good sedative formula :
 • 10 to 60 drops, 1 to 4 times a day, according to anxiety :
 Aggravation time
 Morning, on waking up after a sleepless night
 • in the morning, 3 granules : NUX VOMICA 7C
 • in the evening, 3 granules : LACHESIS 7C
 Between 10 and 11 a. m
 —  hurried; always afraid of being late; obsessions :
 • 3 granules : ARGENTUM NITRICUM 5C
 —  checks if doors are closed (fear of robbers); palpitations; feels inside a prison :
 • one dose, monthly : NATRUM MURIATICUM 15C
 During the afternoon, around 4 p.m.
 —  vertigo; weakness; vagotonia; heart palpitations :
 • 3 granules : TABACUM 5C
 —  cannot think; easily excited; melancholic depression :
 • 3 granules : CONIUM 5C
 In the twilight
 —  child doesn’t want to go to bed, weeps, needs a story and a light; fears :
 • 3 granules, every evening : CAUSTICUM 9C
 —  restless; angry; chilly; cannot remain alone; needs somebody close to them :
 • 3 granules, every evening : ARSENICUM ALBUM 9C
 —  excited; extreme loquacity; sudden high fevers, agg. at twilight :
 • 3 granules, in the morning : PHOSPHORUS 9C
 During night, with many different dreams
 —  before midnight :
 • one dose : PULSATILLA 15C
 —  after midnight :
 • one dose : NUX VOMICA 15C
 Organ affected
 —  throat :
 • 3 granules, 1 to 4 times a day :
 —  stomach :
 • 3 granules, 3 times a day : ARGENTUM NITRICUM 5C
 —  heart :
 • every morning :
 20 drops : DIGITALIS 3X
 • every evening :
 3 granules : ACONITUM 9C
 —  intestine :
 •3 granules, 1 to 3 times a day : GELSEMIUM 5C

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    A dentigerous cyst developed in the right lower jaw at the age of 25 in 1985 due to impacted wisdom teeth 8th molar and removed by surgery at OGH Hyderabad. When the cyst recurred again, ramus of mandible including candidly up to 7th molar teeth was removed in 1985.Thereafter, suffered from parotid abscess for several years right side and cured.Now, the old problem dentigerous cyst recurred again below 7the molar lower right remaining jaw since few months suggested removal by surgery again. Can it be cured in our homeopathy system sir.In addition to this suffering from OCD (obsessive compulsory disorder) since 1996.

    1. Nitric acid 200 and thuja 200 are good medicines for cysts. OCD can be curable with homeopathic medicines.

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    Let us know most common remedies which are available in all Homeopathic Stores for migraine headache homeopathic treatment.

    1. Arsenicum album 200c, Silicea 200c Lachesis 200c and Natrum Muriaticum 200c are best common remedies for Homeopathic migraine treatment observed in Homeopathic clinical practice.

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