Among the mineral waters which have been studied and administered homoeopathically according to the comparison of the known physiological effects with tried similar therapeutic effects, we will mention three, those of Teplitz, Lippspringe and Carlsbad.
 The following pathogenetic symptoms are attributed to the Teplitz water by Dr. Perutz; Constipation with pain in the kidneys and a sensation of weight in the extremities. Frequent desire for stool, but without result. Constipation for several days, accompanied with nausea. Hard stool with an escape of bright, red blood.
 Dr. Bolle notes the following physiological effects as belonging to the mineral waters of Lippspringe : Constipation. Burning at the anus. No strength to force an evacuation. Vain desire for stool with pains as though diarrhoea was present. The water is recommended by Dr. Bolle for old and stubborn cases of constipation, especially in hypochondriac or plethoric subjects.
 Carlsbad has been the subject of a very interesting monograph by Dr. Porges. We give a few of the reliable symptoms obtained : Tension and shootings in the anus, extending toward the back and the loins with the sensation of a plug in the rectum. Sweat about the perineum with servere itching and sensation of weight at the anus. Frequent itching at the anus, the patients scratch and tear the parts. Many patients experience a pain like an electric shock in the rectum and anus; sometimes extends even to the penis; it is also accompanied by a desire to go to stool, but without result. Tendency to haemorrhoids. The stools frequently passed only with great efforts, in fragments and under the form of indurated balls. Constipation for several days, notwithstanding great disturbances in the intestines and a violent tenesmus; continued effort for a stool brings finally some hard and dry fragments, but in return the emission of urine is very free. We often see the constipation of one day, followed by a semi-liquid evacuation on the next.
 Dr. Porges also says in relation to constipation : “We would call attention especially to the fact that venous predominance in the abdomen, diseases of the liver and vena-porta, the vitiated quality or insufficiency of the bile, atony and relaxation of the intestinal canal, the various irritations of the intestines from gouty or other products, may occasion constipation as well as a diarrhoea.
 “Let us speak first of the condition in which the residue of the digestion remains two, three, and sometimes eight days in the intestinal canal, without being retained by any mechanical obstruction, and which occasions headache, heat of the face, loss of appetite, sensation of oppression, and also of fullness and weight in the hypogastrium, and more often still in the lumbar region, bad humor and restlessness (hysterics). The pathological conditions of this affection reside, either in the weakened intestinal mucous membrane, torpidity (in consequence of intestinal catarrhs, abuse of medicines or from the prolonged detention of faecal matter); or the cause lies in the torpor and want of energy of the muscular tunics, which appears in the cases of the diminution of the vena-portal circulation (haemorrhoids) or in the blood dyscrasia (icterus) and in lead poisoning; it may also be observed in consequence of the too abundant development of gas or of fatty materials, and in cases of derangement or suppression of the cerebral circulation as in apoplexy. A sedentary or inactive life, an undigested nourishment, with too little liquid, are the near causes. In ameliorating or removing these principal conditions, our waters relieve the constipation; but it is very often necessary under these circumstances to renew the treatment two or three times.”
 Rational hydrotherapy and massage either singly or together with some of the means indicated in this work, have rendered services which it would be unjust to pass in silence. They are especially serviceable in the torpid forms. Ruddock recommends compresses of cold water applied to the abdomen, when the general health of the subject permits. Dry or moist friction along the vertebral column are considered by many practitioners as not unworthy of the claim of an auxiliary. 

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