–  Interveiw with Martin Miles, FSHom (UK) (R. Jackson)

martin-miles Interveiw with Martin Miles, FSHom (UK)

 Galway, ireland, july 5, 1997 (following the soh conference).
 Martin Miles is the author of “Homoeopathy and human Evolution” and the soon-to-be-published “Homoeopathy, the Path of the Light”
 This interview with Martin Miles took place in Galway, Ireland, July 5, 1977, after his lecture at the Conference of Homoeopathy. I was very impressed by some of his insights and felt them worthy of a larger audience.
 AH: So, Martin, the Society of Homeopaths began in your house; when?
 Miles: This began in my flat in 1976, 1977. A small group of us, about half a dozen at the time; we had a teacher, we were all based in South London, and when he passed it was obvious we had to do something with the future of Homeopathy; the torch had been passed in a sense. We had just formed the European Union and there were rumblings of legislation to threaten the existence of Homeopathy, which there always had been domestically, but domestically it had always survived and politicians had been sensible enough to maintain integrity, but when European legislation began to come in it could become very different. So what we wanted to do was revive Homeopathy and spread it. We got together with the idea of starting a society which is what we did, going through various formal and political structures. We thought of making it into a charity and that was no good, so it’s kind of a trust that is owned by the board who run it. That’s roughly the kind of structure it has now. So we formed it. I was the first chairman and we did different things around various aspects and after that myself and Robert Davidson, one of the other members, started the first College of Homeopathy, the very first. There were no other colleges, no educational platform at all for Homeopathy. It existed as a remnant.
 AH: Did you bring people in? Vithoulkas?
 Miles: No. Vithoulkas was probably still an engineer. This was years before Vithoulkas began teaching. So we started the first college, and with that we had an influx of students.
 AH: Like the roads…
 Miles: Yes, the more roads you build the more traffic you get. So, we had an influx of students, they went through three years of education and at the end of that we naturally wanted to maintain some form of contact, so they joined the society, and what we did as administrators was to offload the administration on to them and they then became the administrators of the Society, and so on and so on.
 And the various colleges grew up like mushrooms because people who came out of our college wanted to teach and start colleges of their own. They came from all parts of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, and they went back and began teaching and practicing, and getting good results. You know, here’s a very beautiful, dynamic system of medicine that worked. It was all very exciting, we wanted to create a renaissance and it had arrived, and the whole thing really mushroomed from there. It’s as if a whole generation of people were born for it, and there were those who sparked it off, which was our small group and it went from there.
 We were able to do this in England because of Common Law, which over many centuries, has given us an enormous amount of freedom. So, anyway, we have this thing called Common Law; whatever you want to do, you can do it, provided there isn’t a statute that says you can’t. Which meant then, that people could always practice Homeopathy, or herbalism or acupuncture, whereas in the rest of Europe it was the opposite. They had a thing called Napoleonic Law which means that whatever they want to do, they can’t do it unless there’s a statute that says you can. It’s for that reason that so much of what we’re engaged in is outlawed in other parts of Europe.
 AH: You are thought to be on the cutting edge in England because of your use of nosodes and meditative provings. When and how did you come to that idea and of working so closely with the nosodes?
 Miles: I’ve worked closely with nosodes for many years, always given a lot of nosodes. That’s not in any way tied up with the idea of meditative provings. Meditative provings was an idea that was put to me and a group of others by a psychic about five or six years ago. The psychic works with us, and it was organized, I must say properly organized, with some of us who have been meditating and are used to meditative practices for many years. I grew up in a school of that kind of teaching since I was about 25, so it was no stranger to me.
 AH: Were you following an Indian teacher?
 Miles: No, it was nothing like that. It was a Western occult system that has existed for thousands of years.
 AH: Like the Golden Dawn?
 Miles: Yeah. It’s the Druid Order. It’s the same kind of thing, it’s just another vehicle for it, it doesn’t matter what you call it.
 AH: So when you mentioned Stonehenge in your lecture you were talking from experience.
 Miles: Yes, and it’s so interesting. When you go to Stonehenge to perform a ritual, at first, when you start doing it, it’s so difficult to understand. You struggle with it. Then over the years as you play this ritual, which is a piece of theatre, and as you act it out it evokes all sorts of things both in you and outside you and the whole thing begins to enfold you and you begin to understand the meaning of it, and the magnificence of what you’re doing, and you realize that you are renewing a covenant with your creator. It’s a very personal thing. Anyway, I have a long history of that sort of thing, so the suggestion of meditative provings was very exciting because I knew what meditation was, I knew what it could do, and I knew that if it was well organized and professionally done with the right people it would be successful. Which is exactly what it has proven to be.
 AH: How do you conduct it?
 Miles: We have the psychic who runs the group more or less. The group is about twelve of us sitting around in a circle. She sets the meditation and we take the remedy. The remedy has already been prepared by Helios .
 AH: So the substance has been pre-determined. Take me through it. Let’s say Berlin Wall.
 Miles: When the Berlin Wall went down, a piece of it was brought back here, as many pieces were, there were lots of raiders taking bits of the wall, it occurred to one of the members of the group that it might make an interesting remedy. So he brought a bit of the wall to the psychic and as soon as the psychic saw it she recoiled in horror. She looked at it energetically and it was absolutely horrifying. We knew then that we had to make a remedy of it and we did.
 AH: So you all took a pellet?
 Miles: We all took a 30c of Berlin Wall and we sat down to meditate.
 AH: And what happened?
 Miles: The result is documented in “Prometheus,” a Homeopathic journal we publish. It’s a baseline remedy for the new age. It’s like the wall and everything the wall stands for. A lot of the wall was made up of the rubble of Berlin after it was destroyed, and of course there’s a long history before that of all the things that went on there; and then it became a wall and a lot of people were locked in, locked out and a lot died trying to escape to something that was freedom for them. So it became not just a German issue but something that divided the soul of a country. It marked the end and a beginning; the end of the holocaust and the beginning of a new age. It’s a remedy that underlines that. So it’s a remedy that is useful for people who consider themselves spiritual, moral and emotional refugees; for people who don’t belong anywhere or who feel rootless or abused. Walled in, walled out, divided, schizophrenics, forsaken; people with all kinds of horrific baggage that can be described as the worst emotional traumas that we have in our new age. It’s a good baseline remedy for that sort of thing.
 AH: So you would sit in a circle and these feelings would come up?
 Miles: No, it’s not so much feeling, you get it through your head. You’re given knowledge and ideas. Yes, it’s true, you do get feelings, and a lot of the members of the group got different aspects of the remedy. One person may get something completely different from another.
 AH: Do physical symptoms come up? Do people feel tightness, itching?
 Miles: Yes, they do get that sort of thing but they also become aware that a particular remedy might be good for some pathology without actually feeling that pathology itself because it would be too extreme. But yes, we do get physical sensations.
 AH: How is it recorded?
 Miles: It’s scribed, written down. The meditations are written down as they are delivered. We have two people in the group who write it down with pen and paper. We tried to use all kinds of devices, much like the one you’re using now, to record, even sophisticated, expensive devices, and as soon as we got into the circle, they wouldn’t work. So we have two members who, for their sins, have shorthand, and as people deliver their meditative reports, they scribe it. At the end, when we have a list of the reports, the shape, the information, the remedy is extracted from that.
 AH: How long do the symptoms last with the provers? Does it stop, is it a discrete event?
 Miles: It doesn’t stop. There are lasting effects, but it’s not the same as for people who are afflicted by a conventional proving. Some people have things that last for months after a conventional proving. We may be unwell or depressed in some way for one to three or four weeks at a maximum; or it could be for just that day and we just go lie down. After the meditation we have to be quite sure that we close down properly. You can’t just get up and walk out. All your vehicles are in a very loose state and most people of course are not in their bodies, because when you meditate you go out of your body, as you should do; and we’re getting quite good at this. So you have to do exercises to make sure that you come in properly and even when you do that, you go out into the everyday, often aggressive world, and it’s very difficult to handle after that. So you have to ease yourself back. It’s not a good idea to go out and negotiate a commercial lifestyle immediately after.
 AH: You mentioned, in your lecture, that there had been a change in remedies, that they don’t seem to have the power or focus that they once did. You tied it into evolution. Can you talk about that?
 Miles: We stand at the brink of a new age and a new millennium and it’s pregnant with meaning and possibility. There’s so much going on, I certainly feel it where I live and others around me have felt the same enormous change in energies. You have to be involved in energy if you’re involved in this kind of thing. Enormous changes in energies and their effects on people have taken place over the last few years, the last few months and from week to week. You can almost feel it from day to day. It’s reflected in the kinds of things that go on in the world, in your own country and abroad; we see so many things happen to people and it’s happening very rapidly. More so, the shape of life is changing so much, if you go back 20 years it’s totally different at that time, and of course most of our remedies were in the 19th century when the habits, issues, requirements of people were totally different. There has been so much change in 100 years it’s breathtaking to try to document it; yet we’re using the same remedies that were vibrating then at a certain rate when the needs of the people now, the issues, are totally different.
 So, there’s a schism there automatically, if you think about it, and this is repeated in the way the remedies work. Twenty-five years ago, when I started in Homeopathy, the remedies seemed to work well. I got spectacular results with single remedies and classical prescribing, like other people did, my colleagues, who started at the same time. Over the years this has eroded and gotten less and less, and the people who are coming to you now in your practice are different, they’re different types of people, different issues, and you prescribe the remedies and they don’t last as long. You can burn out a 10m in a few hours, whereas years and years ago a 10m would last for months or years, and there’s lots of evidence and documentation that illustrates that. I don’t find, these days, that a remedy will last much longer than 12 weeks at the most. The effect of it you may see last longer, but the remedy itself burns out quickly with the pace of life.
 AH: Do you think it has to do with vaccination?
 Miles: I think it has a lot to do with vaccination, we have more vaccination now than we ever have. It’s extremely destructive and carcinogenic and I think it’s responsible for a very large amount of criminal behavior we have in our society; especially when you consider the effect it has on the immune system and the thymus gland. We vaccinate children, destroy the thymus gland, push them out of their bodies, they become frantic, extremely upset, they no longer know who they are or what they’re doing here. So their behavior becomes impossible. Not only that, but when the thymus gland is abused in that way, you get a lot of amorality. There’s a lot of amorality and motiveless crime around and if you look at the chakra system and endocrinology you can see how invasive and destructive vaccination is on these areas of the body. We’ve had children die in our practice from vaccination. What happens is the children are vaccinated and die 24 – 40 hours later. The doctors say it has nothing to do with vaccination because of the time lapse and they don’t document it as a statistic, and when the statistics come out, no recorded deaths from vaccination!
 AH: You said you’ve done provings on various substances that had effects on the thymus gland; would you elaborate?
 Miles: Berlin Wall is one of these. There’s a lot of darkness of the past contained in the thymus gland. It’s one of the mysterious areas of the human body, and it’s the root of syphilitic karma. Syphilis has its root in the thymus gland and all the darker and unpleasant behavior that we have indulged in, in the past, is lodged there. We carry it with us from one life to the next, because it’s an issue that we have to deal with at some time. It doesn’t just disappear. So it’s held in the thymus gland, and this comes out from time to time for various reasons. At the moment there’s a lot of energy being pushed into the heart area and the thymus area. There’s a necessity for the thymus to be cleared and treated properly for all this dark syphilitic karma to come out. And the thymus being the gateway to the heart, the heart will open and the psychic gateway to the heart, and you’ll get all the natural love that people have to come out and the darkness will be gone. I’ve seen this working with people, working with the thymus gland, working on the heart deliberately, doing that. Everybody is blocked in this area. I’ve never seen a human being who, to some degree or another, isn’t blocked in this area. Now is the time, evolutionarily speaking, that we need to clear this.
 Berlin Wall is a great remedy. You know there was an experiment in your country some years ago, where they investigated a number of executed criminals and every single one had persistent thymus glands. The gland is supposed to shrink at puberty but if it remains persistent-enlarged, active so to speak-all this dark syphilitic behavior comes out; amoral, criminal behavior comes out. Until recently they thought it atrophied completely, but it doesn’t. They know that now, with the advent of AIDS, that t-cells are produced in the thymus gland. Now, back to the criminals.
 The thymus gland is a psychic reception center for the heart. It’s the front door. If you want to get in to the heart center or out of the heart center, you want to express through the heart, you have to do it through the thymus gland to a great extent. It’s all messed up, it’s mucky, it’s dark and it needs to be cleaned up. I get these people in my practice, they’re very troubled. The typical sort of person who walks along anywhere these days.
 AH: Oak, there’s the remedy Quercus.
 Miles: Yeah, Quercus is different, and it didn’t have much of a proving. So we took a fresh cutting from an oak tree from a forest in Southern England and proved it with a full Hahnemanian proving as well as a meditative proving. We held several circles on this remedy. It’s a major remedy. We took it and I must say, it turned us inside out. If you asked me now to document the symptomatology and experiences I went through, I couldn’t. It was such a roller coaster. It was for most of the group, I think, a transformational experience. We were being used. We were being transformed or fitted, if you like, for the next stage. We were being worked on that way. We had to take this huge remedy, this mighty polychrest of the new age, Oak. We all sat around and said, “My goodness me, Oak, why hasn’t that been done before.” It’s an obvious thing for people living in this country to do. It’s been so important and such a magical thing for us. We took the remedy for quite a long time, a 30c every day for weeks and months. We took it that way because it’s a slow moving remedy, and the way it moves, my God! We went through some of the most traumatic experiences to clear ourselves. We went with it.
 A lot of our lives were transformed, aspects of our lives fell apart. Myself, I went through enormous traumas. We all came out safely though, and were ready to get on with the next step.
 AH: You said Oak will create problems for those who smoke, and to get around that you recommend taking Rainbow.
 Miles: Now, I haven’t actually done this myself, but a number of the group have.
 AH: Have you explored making remedies from other Sacred Druid trees?
 Miles: We haven’t done them all. We’ve done Oak, Copper Beech, Holly, CrackWillow, Bay Leaf and we’ve got new information on Thuja. But there’s a list of stuff, it’s stacked up waiting for us to do it, there are so many wonderful trees we need to do. The realization of the need now is so much greater than the amount of organization we’re able to put into it.
 AH: How frequently do you do the provings?
 Miles: We do it once a month. There are two groups, so every two weeks. We take a month off in the summer, we allow ourselves that, in August.
 AH: There have been conversations about provings, critical ones, where taking part in provings has been seen as dangerous for some of the participants who were not too well settled in themselves; marriages break up that seemed to be OK, that sort of thing. I wonder if when you do a meditative proving it has a more benign effect?
 Miles: We have not had the traumas in that way because it’s properly choreographed from upstairs. We’re not people who just sit around in a circle and imagine or think that we get receivings about remedies. We have enough psychic ability in that respect to be able to hold conversations with the people who make contact with us. So, it’s done on a pretty knowing and conscious basis. It’s not something that has so many question marks over it. I know it has for a lot of people. Their idea of meditation is, you know, people who may want to do the Maharishi trip for a while and then get tired of it. That kind of mass appeal system coming from the East is not what we are doing. Mind you, there are Eastern influences in the system, but it is a system that has been practiced in the West for a long time.
 AH: Which makes it a very good fit for Homeopathy.
 Miles: Yes. You see all these teachings that have been a part of the East for so many thousands of years, have also been a part of the West. The difference is in the East it has been open, it’s been more overt, both in its teaching and its acceptance. In the West it’s been mainly the property of the esoteric schools and in the Middle Ages, the Alchemists. In Europe people have always had to be careful about what they did and what they taught and what they practiced because history shows that Europe has a long history of tyrants, both in the political as well as the religious sphere. The whole truth, the whole esoteric truth of Christianity was soon ripped out of it in the first and second centuries by the Catholic priests who wanted to make it a power trip, and they did; they took all the truth out of it and fed the people rubbish, which is what we have today. So, in the West it’s rather different, it’s had to be conducted in a rather clandestine way. The last group of people who had a great deal of open esoteric knowledge would have been the witches; and you see what happened to them, burned at the stake by the Puritans. So, you have to be very careful.
 In recent history, the Golden Dawn, has become quite well known by default. Now you see, the Aquarian age is a time for all of us, when everybody has to learn this kind of stuff and use it for themselves.
 AH: Which is why there’s such a proliferation of books.
 Miles: Proliferation of books, renaissance of Homeopathy, and all the teaching that is now coming to light is all to be used, it’s there for a reason, and it’s why Stonehenge has become a temple of contention; whereas years ago no body went there, almost. That marks a difference in consciousness, just that alone, an enormous difference.
 AH: To bring us back to Homeopathy, you had said that aggravations appear differently, can you talk about that, as well as Hering’s law. Does it retain the same structure?
 Miles: Yes it does because when Spirit manifests, it manifests from the inside out, from above downwards. That law still holds good. I see that in the new remedies and it’s a great guide, with one difference. With the old remedies, they would work on the mental and emotional first, and then you would start to see shifts in the physical body; that’s what we’ve come to accept as the process. But a lot of these new remedies work in the opposite direction. You get shifts in the physical body first, then it goes into the emotional and then the mental. You want to be aware of that because when you start to get shifts in the physical body you think, oh, the remedy might be coming to an end and it’s time for a new remedy, when it is actually the beginning. So they work rather differently in that respect. I haven’t noticed huge aggravations, there have been some, but nothing that would be markedly different from the past, in fact I would say there have been less aggravations with these new remedies than with the old ones. In fact, there are some new remedies that don’t produce any aggravations at all; Emerald is one of them.
 Another thing about Oak, it will always work, it will always do something. You know if you get the remedy wrong, it’s not quite right, it can go through the aura of the patient and not do anything. Oak never does that, it will always do something, some way, how ever often you give it, whatever potency, it will always work; which is quite a remarkable thing.
 AH: It is known for being the chief tree in Druid cosmology.
 Miles: Chief tree, as most important, fairest and strongest of the trees. The most important in Druid terms. Never mind the storm blowing, it will stand up.
 AH: Is there anything else you want to say, anything about potencies?
 Miles: We use the standard scale. Most of the provings have used 30’s, and in practice we use the standard scale, though some of us use 100’s.
 AH: Any words for America?
 Miles: God Bless America. It’s the future, it’s the land of the future, it’s the melting pot for all of us.
 Martin Miles has just published another book, Homoeopathy, the Path to the Light. Look for it at your favorite bookseller. 

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