Homeopathic Medicine for Excitement

Homeopathic Medicine for Excitement:

Excitement aggravated or improved by particular conditions. Those are characteristic of the Homeopathic remedy selection. Either in acute or chronic prescribing of Homeopathic medicine, excitement plays a role. Some people alternate between excitement and prostration. In fact, the psychiatrist and the family do not always know what is best for these people.

Homeopathic Medicine for Excitement


Normally excited – Homeopathic Medicines:

  • Always in hurry; anticipates; fears in particular: ARGENTUM NITRICUM 5C
  • Always very busy; oversensitivity of all the senses: NUX VOMICA 5C
  • Moving, dancing all the time, in children, at menopause:: TARANTULA HISPANA 5C
  • Hyperactive mentally and physically; joyful: CALCAREA FLUORICA 9C, or FLUORIC ACID 9C
  • Agg. during evening and night in general; weak memory: MEDORRHINUM 9C
  • Child wakes up during night, joyful, he wants to talk and play: • CYPRIPEDIUM 4C

 From mental work:


 From emotions 

  • after joyful news, insomnia: COFFEA 5C
  • after bad news, with trembling: GELSEMIUM 5C
  • Restless; terrible fear of death, agg. before midnight: ACONITUM 9C
  • periodical, with loquacity, before and during menses, fears to go insane: CIMICIFUGA 5C
  • when menses do not come or are insufficient: LACHESIS 5C

Homeopathic medicine selection for excitement usually relates with Following Conditions.

Anger, delusions, emotional, fear, faintness, fears, insomnia, loquacity, menses, nervousness, parasitism, premenstrual, restlessness, sighing, weeping.

Readers are espcially requested to seach for the specific conditions from above search box.


The Homeopathic remedies for excitement mentioned in 6c and below 9c potency. These lower potencies need to repeat frequently. However, this is purely the options and experience of the author. In this case, we suggest having the opinion of your Homeopathic professions. Homeopathy works great in such mental conditions like over excitement. In general, a single dose is enough to cure.

References: Homeopathic and Drainage Repertory,BOUKO LEVY M.,

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