– A case of possession (Bl Gray)

BlGray Hallucinations of possession -A case of possession -  Nitricum acidum

 Sometimes even a fully detailed repertorization cannot replace time-honored experience coupled with intuition. This is another single-remedy cured case of Bill Gray’s where the thread of a certain theme ran through the entire case; the skill is in the perception.

 Hallucinations of possession 
 Nitricum acidum 

 20 December 1994:
 A 34 year-old married white female, sales manager.
 Thin, dark complexion, brown hair, somewhat slouched in posture.
 cc: “I hear voices inside and outside.” (2)
 Feels these voices in lower left quadrant of abdomen and in front of her.
 In 1984, she dated an Algerian. Heard strange voices around him.
 Went out of her body, saw white light on wall, became telepathic. (1)
 All this happened in his presence. He is into black magic.
 Afterward, she dropped out of school, had terrible insomnia.
 Visions of demons all around in night. (2)
 He asked her if she had telepathic experiences because he was in a group working on her.
 Then met her husband and got married.
 Did well 1984-1988.
 In 1988, met a Persian acquaintance. Heard a telepathic voice around him about how much money she had.
 He was attracted to her; she feared he would kill her husband.
 Dreams of astral beings bleeding. (2)
 Then she felt mentally ill.
 Drained of energy since. (2)
 Reads minds. (2)
 1989, saw a TV soap opera actor at a festival.
 Felt telepathy with him. Believed he sent her away, telling her to send him a letter to the TV station written in menstrual blood.
 He telepathically said he wanted to see her.
 He said she hurt him emotionally.
 In actuality, she never spoke to him verbally.
 At this time, she had a heavy menses and skipped BCPs, believed she was pregnant.
 She felt victimized by these telepaths “cording” into her because she has a “black hole” entity in her lower left quadrant abdomen. (3)
 In 1989, while in kitchen, she visually saw a “crystal ball” hallucination in which she saw the Cypress (freeway in Oakland California earthquake) structure collapse prior to the actual earthquake.
 Then she heard the actor’s voice in a hallucination.
 Felt chilled in the night. (2)
 Found markings on her arms and head (2) where the actor was injured in the actual earthquake.
 In 1992, the actor was in S.F.  and approached a Lebanese neighbor of hers.
 Felt badly that she had hurt him, so she sent him roses. (2)
 She feels constantly connected with him now that he knows
 everything she’s doing. (2)
 Dreams she’s his consort. (2)
 Better from acupuncture.
  Social, enjoys meeting people at work.
 Allergies. (2) Takes Sudafed and Beconase.
 Stuffy nose in morning. (2)
 Prone to bronchitis. (2)
 Goes from nose to lungs in 2 weeks.
 Back pain (2) -has partially fused vertebrae.
 Now on BCPs. On Prozac, 10 mg, for 2-3 yrs. for “obsessive-compulsive behavior.”
 Chilly at night (2) in a generally cold house.
 Desires sweets (2)
 chocolate (2)
 meat (2)
 loves garlic
 No desire for salt or fat. Has cut out salt and fat for health.
 Thirsty for ice cold. (1)
 Fears closed places. (2)
 Needs to keep busy.
 Telepathic mostly about negative things rather than positive. (2)
 Warts at 10 years of age.
 Irritable (1) -wants husband to hurt the actor.
 Slight constipation.
 Careful about appearance.
 What remedies are psychic? Phosphorus, Cannabis indica, Sulphur, Silica, Calcarea carbonica (esp. earthquakes), Medorrhinum (esp. hearing voices) are commonly considered.
 Phosphorus is conceivable. She is open, suggestible, chilly, a little thirsty, and might have desired salt if not altered by health dogmas.
 However, the pessimistic tone of her telepathy, the emphasis on black magic and destructive events, is a strong emphasis in this case. It reflects an unconscious tendency that likely shapes her world view. For this reason, I chose Nitric acid, which is often considered too materialistic to be psychic, but I have noticed a marked psychic quality in other Nitric acid patients.
 Plan: Nitric acid 200, single dose.
 At seven days she had a fever and diarrhea. At forty days, the voices were still present but much less compelling, her allergies were much better, and her general mood was much improved. All symptoms steadily diminished month by month thereafter.
 Last seen in August 1996 (at 20 months), she still occasionally hears random voices for a fleeting second, but they do not bother her. No other symptoms at all except a slight itching between toes on waking only. Energy, sleep, and mood completely well. 

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