Cervical polyp or subinvolution type of polyp. It has capsule of endometrium or endocervix from which the polyp gets the blood supply. The pedicle consists of the covering of mucuous membrane. Very rarely these polyps may show adenomatous structure. Large polyp gets ulcerated and infected subsequently.
Menses are late and profuse. During menstrual flow uterus feels as if squeezed. Due to infected cervical polyp there is leucorrhoea, whoch is corrosive in nature. Nasal discharge is profuse, acrid, hot and watery. Violent, throbbing headache, in temporals. Profuse watery, acrid coryza associated with cervical polyp severs as a guiding symptom.
patient is harsh tempered, anxious and sad. She is very irritable as there is congestion to head, slightest noise causes lot of disturbances and irritation.

agg. Warm clothings, warm room, at night and damp wet weather.
amel. Open air, movement.

Other important remedies for cervical polyp are

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