– Pulford


Odor of fine smoke. Catarrh: post nasal, scabs form in posterior nares and base of uvula, lips and, swollen. Coryza, upper lip swollen greatly.

Face :

Tension as from a cobweb

Tension as from a cobweb; pain in articulation of lower jaw on closing mouth; lower jaw weak after eating. Bloated, expression stupid, silly, vacant. As if white of egg had dried on it. Parotids inflame, hard. Glands about neck affected with ear trouble. Knots of lymphatic glands down neck, under ear, like Bar-m. and Tub., they inflame, grow larger after each exposure to cold or from sudden changes of weather; especially with teeth, throat and face troubles the glands under the jaw and down the neck swell and enlarge.

Left side of tongue cracked on edge; crusts on palate behind base of uvula; paralysis of tongue in the aged; gums swell, pale red. Kept partially open, saliva runs out. Tongue paralyzed; with sensation lost: Colch. Frequent and severe bleeding of gums. Taste perverted a.m. Saliva runs out mouth during sleep, like Merc., Rhus bloody.

Throat :

Inflammed tonsils

Chokes during dinner and while writing; as of a leaf before posterior nares after waking; as of a plug or lump, afternoon; spasms of oesophagus of the aged, can swallow liquids only; pressing pain in thyroid; fatty tumor on side. (L): Recurrent inflammation of tonsils; burning pain night on empty swallowing; raw at night. Tonsilitis: removes predisposition, like Psor., especially in scrofulous children, dry scurf on head, when due to every little exposure to cold and dampness; the onset is slow, the reverse of Bell; if going on the suppuration: Hep.; if involving ear amelioration heat: Cham.; if tonsil feels like a plug in throat or like a great ball, changing the character of the voice, causing dyspnoea with gagging and choking, this latter is especially marked in Merc-c. Gagging and choking on swallowing a little food, like Graph., Kali-c. and especially Merc-c. Smarting pain aggravation empty swallowing.

Sudden loathing of food while eating; sore bruised pain after swallowing a morsel. Appetite: lost though hungry; voracious yet food does no good,like Iod. Weak sense amelioration eating; pain in, after child eats. Thirst. Pain, sore, in scrobiculus cordis. Painful writhing sense during eating, the morsel gets down there as if it had to squeeze through, and impinge upon, sore places.

Habitual colic of children who do not thrive. Tabes mesenterica, early stage, glands swell, hard. Abdomen big, muscles sore to touch. Enlarged, of child, emaciation and of limbs, knots of enlarged glands, dwarfed intellect. Hard, tense, like Calc.

(L): Piles: protrude during urination and stool. Constipation: Stool hard knotty, like Mag-m.; in veterate, lack of action, piles burn, protrude during stool and urination.

Frequent urination of the aged. Chronic painless whitish gleety discharge, offensive, no inflammation.

(L): Tearing pain in female, causing her to cry out. Erection delayed. Desire: diminished, premature impotence. Enlarged prostate. Numb. Ovaries and mammary glands dwindle. Lymphatics enlarge and indurate.

Aphonia from mucus. Rattling in trachea of aged, from cold changes of weather, exposure to cold. Chronic aphonia in scrofulous people.

Only amelioration lying on abdomen. Suffocative, of the aged. Chronic, dry, hoarse, barking, not hard, every night.

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