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Fistula Treatment without Surgery Homeopathy:

Homeopathy is such a wonderful system that can cure many surgical conditions without operation. Every one knows fistula Treatment without Surgery Homeopathy. The best treatment for fistula in Ano is Homeopathy. For the reason that Homeopathy treats the fistula without surgery. Homeopathic constitutional treatment cures the fistula in Ano completely. In addition, prevents the recurrence of fistula in Ano.

Fistula Home remedies are referring to Homeopathic remedies that helpful for fistula treatment without operation.

fistula-home-remedies Fistula Treatment without Surgery Homeopathy

First, we must acquaint with what is Fistula.

The meaning of Fistula is Tube or a Pipe. Medically a fistula can define as a connection between two hollow structures. The example is of two blood vessels or Intestines. Surgically sometimes it needs to create a fistula to drain the infected material inside the body.

The cause of fistula, as a rule, is an Injury or Infection. A Chronic abscess sometimes may open inside into intestines as well to the outer surface of the skin by forming a fistula tract. Therefore, these abscesses should treat without an operation to prevent the fistula.

Fistula Home Remedies with Homeopathic treatment approach:

Fistulae are commonly seen in patients where tubercular lung infection most often suppressed by allopathic treatment. Fistula treatment without surgery homeopathy involves restoring to health from this background disease.

To drain out the body’s waste material outside, a fistulae opening may form near anus as Anorectal fistula. The development of a fistula is the body’s attempt to continue a process of eliminating toxins. As a result, there is always a chronic discharge related to it. Homeopathy fistula treatment without operation aims in with no disturbance to these waste eliminations. Therefore, best Homeopathic medicine to cure fistula will help the body to recover quickly with an excellent possible resolution. On the other hand, fistula treatment without surgery homeopathy has the number of Fistula Home remedies for the permanent cure.

Following are best Homeopathic medicine to cure fistula to keep in home for the emergency treatment.

  • Silicea 200 for Fistula
  • Nitric Acid
  • Fluoric Acid
  • Hekla Lava
  • Lachesis
  • Graphites

Silicea 200c for Fistula Treatment without Surgery in Homeopathy:

Silicea 200c for Fistula is best Homeopathic Fistula Home Remedy useful in our clinic all in all with good success rate. In addition, this is the best Homeopathic medicine to cure fistula which drains the pus from anal fistulae. Therefore, that cures the fistula without surgery in homeopathy. Moreover,  the fistula tract will close gradually without the need of an operation. On the contrary, Calcarea Phos 6x can speed up the treatment of fistula in Ano if used along with Silicea 200 for fistula.

Nitric acid 200 – Best Homeopathic medicine to cure fistula with severe pain:

Nitric acid is also a very helpful Homeopathic medicine for fistula treatment without operation. The patient feels severe pain in fistula along with pus discharge. A dose of Nitric acid 200 Homeopathic medicine can cure the fistula permanently.

Tuberculicum 200 helps in fistula treatment without surgery homeopathy, when Silicea 200 for fistula and Nitric acid 200 failed to cure.

Lachesis 200 for fistula treatment without operation:

Lachesis is also a best Homeopathic Fistula Home remedy for fistula treatment without surgery in homeopathy. In this case, the patient feels relief when pus is discharging from fistula.

The constitution of Lachesis in fistula cases as a fact craves very much air. Moreover, this is best Homeopathic medicine to cure fistula when suffering from perspiration. These patients have a habit eating more pickles.

To conclude, Homeopathy is overall the best treatment for fistula in Ano. Homeopathic treatment cures the fistula without surgery. Silicea for Fistula along with Nitric acid and Lachesis helps in permanent cure of fistula treatment without operation.

References:  BOUKO LEVY M., Homeopathic and Drainage Repertory

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Nittur Guruprasad

Yes Doctor. Silecea 200 and NITIC Acid 200 are very good remedies for Fistula. I have many good responses. We cant neglect Lachesis here if symptoms agree. the trio will almost subside the problem.


I was told by Doc I have a fistula, it opens 2 times per week and discharges, and then starts trying to heal up, this repeats. It is on the inside part of my buttock near my hole. do I drink the above products rub them on or put them in my rectum?