Best Homeopathy medicine for thyroid diseases: Introduction

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hypothyroidism-Homeopathy Homeopathy medicine for thyroid diseases
Homeopathy Thyroid Remedies

Thyroid diseases naturally arise due to deficiency or overproduction of production of Thyroid Hormone. Whereas many causes for the low production of Thyroid Hormone. Most common cause, however, is Autoimmune. The autoimmune thyroid is also called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. The next most Common cause is the lack of Iodine intake. In these cases, Thyroid gland will be enlarged in order to produce more thyroid hormones. It is also called Grave’s disease.
Homeopathy medicine for thyroid diseases is the best alternative treatment for the cure of Thyroid problems permanently. I have seen most cases of Hypothyroidism underlying cause is the excess use of steroid medicines in allopathy. Those cases who underwent cesarean or major surgery are commonly prone to this autoimmune thyroid problems. People who underwent surgery for the second time are most likely the victims of thyroid diseases.

I would like to explain how Homeopathy can treat Thyroid Diseases:

Homeopathy medicine for thyroid diseases aims at building the immunity of the patient. The elevated immune system can able to control the damage produced by autoimmune antibodies as well reduce the production of Autoimmune antibodies.

Top Homeopathy medicine for thyroid diseases:

In my practice, LACHESIS, KALIUM CARBONICUM, LYCOPODIUM, NATRUM MURIATICUM, SEPIA, IODIUM, THYROIDINUM and PHYTOLACCA BERRY are the best Homeopathy medicine for thyroid diseases.Lachesis is one of the Best Homeopathic Remedy to treat thyroid complaints. Lachesis patients with thyroid disease crave much more fanning and open air.

Perspiration in Lachesis thyroid patients extremely high. Lachesis Constitution also desires pickles very much. These patients naturally have circulatory defects. Lachesis thyroid patients moreover desire to talk that means loquacious. Lachesis thyroid patients indeed robust in the constitution with excess sexual desire. Charming certainly good looking and attractive.

Kalium Carbonicum unquestionably the best Homeopathy medicine for thyroid diseases. Kali carb patients with thyroid complaints are obese in the constitution. These people naturally can’t tolerate cold air. Obviously, get aggravated by cold air. Kali carb patients with thyroid dysfunctions always suffer from back pain, high sweating, and sudden weakness. Kalium carbonicum patients, in fact, experience gastric problems.

Some other Homeopathy medicine for thyroid diseases:

Iodium definitely a helpful remedy for Hypothyroidism. Iodium patients, however, clean looking with great hunger. They lose weight even though eating well. Hypothyroid patients need Iodium 200c more often have enlarged lymph nodes. Iodium extremely helpful Homeopathy medicine for thyroid diseases, due to deficiency of Iodine.  The most suitable potency being Iodium 200c.

Spongia nevertheless one of the great remedies for Hypothyroid ailments with the enlarged thyroid gland. The Spongia Hypothyroid patients despite proving to respiratory and Heart complaints. Spongia absolutely one of the best Homeopathic remedies for Grave’s disease.

Phytolacca Berry definitely, good Homeopathic mother tincture for the cure of Thyroid enlargement. Phytolacca Berry particularly helpful when thyroid patient obese. Many cases came to my clinic with overweight related to hypothyroid complaints. I prescribe phytolacca without a doubt, to reduce the weight. Phytolacca decandra particularly beneficial when the thyroid gland enlarged and hard.

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  1. Arsenicum Album 200 is right remedy in your case.

    1. Sir , this is lokanadh can you please give me an idea of selecting ars.alb for that case on which bases .. i would like to learn from you soo many things sir … you are simply superb in selection of remedy ..

  2. Thyroid cancer tumor

    Thyroid cancer. I have a nodule/tumor the size of a walnut in my throat. No pain when I swallow food or water. It is located on left bottom lobe. I was told I had a few nodules on the right side as well. I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in December of 2014, the tumor has not grown since then. They did a biopsy to be sure. I also suffer from anxiety at times. Fear of unknown or no control. I really would like to shrink tumor that is a big concern. Thank you.

  3. Please give him a dose just 2 pills of PSORINUM 200c and wait for 10 days.

  4. ​Dear doctor,

    One of my uncles, aged 70, have been suffering from a strange health condition for the last 10 years.

    He has taken various treatments – Allopathy, Homeopathy, Herbal etc. from many doctors/experts but did not get any satisfactory recovery.

    Now a days, he is very restricted in food taking. He can't consume what other normal people are taking everyday. He has to avoid oily, fried, fast foods.

    He has gone through various pathological tests and nothing abnormal was found. They were likely: – CBC, Urine R/E, X-Ray, Lever Functioning Test, SGPT, SGOT, Bilirubin etc., and all are OK.

    He's having slightly low blood pressure (avg 110/70). No Diabetes.

    His main symptoms are as below:

    Main problems:
    1. Feeling very weak physically. Can any good Alfalfa Tonic or Combination of Mother Tinctures be of any help?
    2. Not feeling any urge to take bath in a week. Even in Summer season, he sleeps with blanket over his body. What to do with this strange condition?

    With thanks & regards,

    Sms Hasan

  5. Please try a dose just 2 pills of MEDORRHINUM 200c.

  6. Swelling leg

    Have a nice day! My patient name is Mr. Muku Age: 50, problem leg swelling, prostate gland increased, thyroid. I gave him Thyrod..200 one dose some cure. Next Lyco 200 one dose, next Sabal serr. Q 1 Oz but he is not fully cure. Pls suggest me next remedy.
    Thanks & b/rgds.

    Karamot Ali
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  7. Hypothyroidism

    Dear sir I am using 'thyroxine tab' since long time , but I want to use homeopathic tab thyroidinum 3x or more power, therfore kindly suggest me which power of thyroidinum can I use and how much time may I use this.
    I have digestive problems
    Obsity, fatigue

    1. Thyroidinum 6x daily 2 tablets morning and evening. empty stomach and after 6 pm.


    hypothyroid, low body temp around 96 most of the time, greatly increased migraines, cold even when it hot out, weight gain, extremely dry skin, poor digestion, no sweating, blood work is low t 4, no enlarged thyroid, no energy, depression. Anything you could suggest to help would be wonderful

    1. Please try a dose 2 pills of THUJA 200c, and wait for 15 days.

    2. i have just got off thuja 1 m for a virus i had. and it did seem to help the cough in my throte that i have had for 3 years. im not taking it right now, should i do it again?

    3. yes pls try again now but just 2 pills of thuja 200c

  9. AvatarAnonymous


    1. Your remedy is KALI CARB 200, take just 2 pills and wait for one month.

  10. I was suffering from thyroid issues for some time. I had tried allopathic medicine for it but then I came to know about the probable dangerous side effects of such a treatment. That is when someone referred me to Homeopathy4all. And am glad to say homeopathy works! Its just that it the results are gradual and one needs to undergo the treatment with patience. Doctors at H4All investigated the root cause of my ailments and prescribed the right medicines to me.

    1. Its nice to know about treatment for Hypothyroid at Homeopathy4all. Homeopathy certainly helps you to cure your problem of thyroid completely.

  11. Avatarnittur Guruprasad

    Yes sir. It is very much true homeopathic way of treatment will give maximum results in Thyroid complications. Very much chances to cure also if treated symptomatically. I feel above all Graphites and FUCUS Q helps me much in obsessed persons.

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