Finding Homeopathic Medicine for piles or Hemorrhoids:

Today’s topic is in Homeopathic Medicine for piles & treatment. Coming to the piles’ Homeopathic treatment, many people have doubts about the piles, whether it can be curable with Homeopathy treatment. Yes, really Homeopathic medicines indeed save you from surgery. In the same way, Homeopathic treatment can prevent your case without going to surgeon’s hands. Complete recovery can be issued with Homeopathic medicine for piles. Because Homeopathy aims at correcting the exact root cause of the piles. Fortunately, Homeopathy remedies act definitely, on the venous system. For the same reason, Homeopathy treatment is only the natural way to cure piles completely and safely.

Before going for piles treatment in Homeopathy equally important, we must know certain things about the Homeopathy cure for piles. At this point, I would like to tell you, what are Piles? Piles are nothing except swollen veins in the rectal area. Which causes a great discomfort while passing stool. Enlarged veins sometimes bleed during stool. Piles may produce different symptoms which vary from person to person.People experience almost pain like stitching in the rectal area. Most of all feel great burning pain in the rectum. Some patients say there is the sensation of glass pieces are stuck inside the rectum.

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Types of Piles: need to know to find Homeopathic Medicine for piles:

If you ask me what are the types of piles. Hemorrhoids are usually four types. Finally, it depends on the severity and the extension of the piles developed. Blind piles, bleeding piles, protruding piles, external piles and internal piles. External piles always produce either pain and itching. Bleeding is probably due to internal piles.

Usually, the piles bleed only during stool. The bleeding will be to such an extent that the person becomes almost anemic. Finally, he needs to transfuse blood.

What are the causes for the development of piles hemorrhoids?

Furthermore, if you take thoughts from Modern medicine, which explains only the mechanical causes for the development of piles. Those are the sedentary habits. Taking food which is devoid of fiber. More and more non-vegetarian food. Consequently, feeling much strain while passing stool is some of the causes of the hemorrhoids.

Understanding piles from the Homeopathic point of view:

Fist of all Homeopathy teaches us the exact root cause of the formation of piles disease. Probably the suppression of skin disease can be the cause of hemorrhoid disease. Low immunity can also be the cause of the piles. The inflammatory fluid that is produced during the complementary reaction in the body will be diverted towards a weekend part in the body. For example, if a person having a sedentary habit. The anal part will be under much more stress, as a result, the inflammatory fluid instead of coming through sweat indeed it goes towards rectal veins. As a result, develop piles or hemorrhoids.

How can Homeopathy cure piles or Hemorrhoid?

Homeopathy in addition, by means of its constitutional approach, study the person suffering from piles in detail. It approaches his habits, desire for various foods, aversion to various foods, especially relevant to his mindset while suffering from piles etc. All of these factors help in the selection of the exact similar remedy which can help him for the complete cure of Hemorrhoids. Homeopathy obviously the best alternative system of medicine for the cure of piles. Obviously, save you hundred percent from going to surgery.

While I have treated the number of Piles cases like any other chronic disease. Homeopathy cure piles disease within the shortest time, however, to say hardly takes 2 to 3 months for the complete cure. Two days back a woman age 35 approached me with great pain in the rectal area because of the piles. After going through the symptoms, I gave her a dose of nitric acid 200c, as a result, excruciating pain in the rectal area relieved within ten minutes. Therefore, she felt so much happier, thanks to Homeopathy.

What is the best  Homeopathic Medicine for piles?

We have naturally thousands of Homeopathic Medicine for piles. Because of limitations in this article, I’d like to tell you the most noteworthy medicines. The top especially 6 Homeopathic Medicine for piles and treatment.

Nevertheless, first most Homeopathic Medicine for piles is Mercurius Solubilis, second are Nitric Acid, Aesculus Hippocampus, Ratanhia, Nux Vomica, Lycopodium, Hamamelis, Millefolium. Mentioned are unquestionably topmost Homeopathy Remedies helpful in the treatment of Hemorrhoids.

Homeopathic Remedy Selection for Piles or Hemorrhoids:
minus Homeopathic Medicine for piles - Remedy Finder
Here in this article I’m giving you an another tool. As a result of using this question selection almost, you can find your Homeopathy Remedy for piles. Please select the pile’s symptom, especially relevant in your case. The Homeopathic Medicine for piles you need for the current symptom as a result displayed at the bottom of the article. Certainly, I feel that this tool can be helpful as great Remedy finder too for Homeopathic Medicine for piles.

Please select the Symptom which is most related to your Piles complaint?

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Dr.Devendra Kumar

Very interesting article with a questionnaire for finding homeopathic remedy for piles. This has been prepared for the use of my patients.


Thanks for great article on homeopathy piles treatment. Interesting remedy finder.

rajesh kumar

Thanking you for this kind of remedy selection method.useful in my syster case.piles problem patients can use this homeopathy selection.


This article is about piles and homeopathic remedies treatment is very useful. Remedy selection by ourselves is highly effective. Thanks For great idea . Very much thankful to Dr. Devendra Kumar.


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I have pain anus since 20 days
, please suggest homeo remedy doctor

balaji ch

very informative article on piles and homeopathy.thanks


New method of remedy finder for piles homeopathic treatment is appreciated. Thanks.

Mohammad.Riyasat hussain
Mohammad.Riyasat hussain

It’s very important article this is very useful information about haemorrhoids very good treatment in homeopathy medicine.Thanks for this information

MD.Riyasat hussain

This is very interesting article on the piles treatment it is the most important thing to know every one.thanks for given to us. interesting remedy finder

Hussain ali

Excellent article on homoeopathy and piles treatment. Remedy’s finder tool.

Vasu chaluvadi

Good article on piles.need extra information.remedy selection is extraordinary.

Phani Sammeta

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siva burada

i have piles with sinus infection please suggest remedy in homeopathy dr


Sir I have piles used allopathy,no use,homeopathic nux,lyco 200, not cured, please suggest best piles remedy.

Srinivas petla

I m suffering from piles since 3 year S doctor told surgery please suggest best homeopathy to avoid surgery. Already used collinsonia 200, sulphur 200.


Dear doctor l have piles, want to use homeopathic medicine.can u suggest best homeopathic medicine. Used allopathic medicine partially relieves.


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Sustain my v

Extraordinary article on piles and homeopathy. Any suggestions for my hemarrhoids since 10 years. Used nix comics 200c lycopodium 200.

vijaya kumar b

Very good article on piles and homeopathy treatment thanks.remedyselection part is very useful.

sambasivarao r

Very nice article by Dr devendra kumar.he has treated my father in law case successful. Heart enlarged with piles.homeopathic medicine he has given worked extraordinarily in his case. Allopathic doctors sent his case to home. saying that he will die with in few days. Now it is second year.My father in law walking as normal person. going to agriculture field. performing agriculture at the age of 65, Thanks to our doctor.

Srinivas Raju d

Doctor please suggest home remedy for piles. I am suffering from piles since long time. used allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy but not relieved, used Collinsonia 200c, Sulphur 200c, Nitric Acid 200, little relieved with Homeopathy, but started again. I have hope on your treatment please suggest best remedy for my hemorrhoids problem.


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uday Naga Sankar

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balakrishna p

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Dear doctor my daughter is suffering from severe constipation and piles disease. Unbearable pain while passing stool. She eats all fibre food. But constipation not relieved. pain is not tolerable. bleeding some times. doctor told piles with fissure in anus. please help us. suggest best Homeopathic remedy for piles and fissure.

K.sowmya sri

Thanks for great & very useful article. Probably it is highly effective in treating pile cases with Homeopathic medicine.
Thank you sir.


Thanks for giving us this kind of artical.great article on piles treatment in Homeopathic medicine.useful in my brother in law case very effectively.


Very interesting article,it is very useful for all.Remedy selection is some what different approach online for piles Homeopathic remedy finding.
Thanks for great article


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Ramya l

I am using Homeopathic medicines under the treatment of Dr.Devendra kumar MD Homeo, for the symptoms of Piles and obesity, irregular periods. Thanks for information provided in this article on piles Homeopathic treatment. My symptoms are almost relieved with the treatment.

Chiranjeevi jogi

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thanuja samama

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Marika arep

Thank you doctor for very good article on Homeopathic treatment for piles.Remedy finder is an excellent idea.Please provide us more information on blind piles.I have piles which are bleeding while stool but piles are not palpable.