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Find Your Homeopathic Remedy for Bronchitis.Please answer few of my questions. Symptoms are related to your constitution. Bronchitis related questions for Homeopathic Remedy selection.

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Finding Bronchitis Homeopathic remedy is not difficult. The symptoms specified are most related to Homeopathic Remedies that work in Bronchitis.

Bronchitis in many cases is an allergic in origin. It might be due pollen, dust or some other irritants like chemical fumes. Basically inflammation of bronchial tubes in lungs is called bronchitis.

Homeopathy understands the cause of bronchitis a little bit different. Modern medical science considers the cause as mentioned different allergens. Homeopathy teaches that the susceptibility to allergens arise from defect in the constitution of the person. Suppression of skin diseases are one of the cause for Bronchitis.

Continuous cough is prominent symptom in Bronchitis cases. Other symptoms include heaviness in chest, fever, body  pains in severe cases. Bronchial expectoration may be thin or thick, yellow or while. Colour of expectoration can be a guide for remedy selection.

I ask you to answer below questions related to your Bronchitis Homeopathic Constitution. So that I can suggest you proper Homeopathic remedy for your chronic or acute cough.

When Did your Cough getting Worse?

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Do you have an Aversion or Desire for Sweets?

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Please select the below Condition that is most specific to your Cough?

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