pilonidal sinus treatment in homeopathy

Pilonidal Sinus treatment in Homeopathy

The sinus develops out of abscess in between buttocks, exactly at cleft known as Pilonidal sinus. In fact the abscess in between buttocks that arise from friction. In This case, the opening of abscess onto the skin surface, form the sinus, in other words, called Pilonidal sinus. Accumulation of excess inflammatory fluid in the sinus forms the Pilonidal cyst. Surgery for Pilonidal sinus is only the choice in conventional medicine. On the contrary, Pilonidal sinus treatment in homeopathy is avoided surgery. Homeopathic medicines for Pilonidal sinus without surgery are beneficial in a permanent cure.

pilonidal sinus treatment in homeopathy

In this connection, we need to discuss two conditions primarily. First Pilonidal sinus and second the Pilonidal cyst. Homeopathy for Pilonidal sinus is curative as well as for the Pilonidal cyst.

Is there a cure for Pilonidal sinus in homeopathy?

People ask us this question frequently. Of course, there is permanent cure for Pilonidal sinus in Homeopathy. For example, Homeopathy cure Pilonidal sinus or Pilonidal cyst just like any sinus or cyst.

How Homeopathy cure Pilonidal Sinus?

Homeopathy boasts the immunity of the person suffering from Pilonidal sinus or cyst. For this reason, the accumulation of pus stops gradually. As a result, the sinus or cyst cures permanently.

Topmost remedies for Pilonidal sinus treatment in Homeopathy:

  • Silicea 1m
  • Myristica Sebifera 30
  • Hepar sulph
  • Paeonia Officinalis

Silicea 1m,Myristica Sebifera 30 and Hepar Sulphuricum are most used homoeopathic medicine for Pilonidal sinus. On the other hand, Calcarea carb, calcarea sulph 6x, Arsenicum Album, Sulphur and Graphites and Phosphorus are also very good medicines for Pilonidal sinus treatment in homeopathy.

Silicea 1m for Pilonidal sinus Homoeopathic Treatment:

It is the top grade Homeopathic remedy useful for the cure of abscess, cysts, or sinus. Of course, Pilonidal sinus treatment with Silicea needs its indications. Skin complaints with a tendency to form pus easily indicate Silicea for Pilonidal cyst treatment. In addition, Silicea promotes the expulsion of pus from abscess through the skin. As a result, it benefits in Pilonidal sinus permanent cure.

On the other hand, Silicea 1m is very high potency. We never suggest starting the Homeopathic treatment with 1m potency. In this case, please consult your Homeopathic physician before using Silicea 1m for Pilonidal sinus treatment.

Myristica Sebifera 30 for Pilonidal cyst treatment in homeopathy:

In particular, it is frequently indicated Homeopathic medicine for Pilonidal cyst treatment. To put it another way, Dr. Boericke says, Myristica Sebifera Homeopathy has great antiseptic power. In addition, acts more powerfully often than Hepar Sulphuricum or Silicea. In general, this medicine hastens pus formation in Pilonidal cyst and shortens its treatment duration. Moreover, Myristica Sebifera can cure Pilonidal sinus or cyst without surgery.

Myristica Sebifera 30 is the potency in general used for Pilonidal cyst treatment in Homeopathy. However, we suggest start with 200c potency to cure Pilonidal sinus permanently and speedily.

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Hepar Sulphuricum for Pilonidal sinus treatment in Homeopathy

Pilonidal sinus in general very sensitive to touch indicates Hepar sulph. Offensive Discharges from the sinus is another key point for the use of this Homeopathic remedy for Pilonidal cyst. On the other hand, sinus or cysts that heal slowly guide us to use Hepar Sulphuricum.

Hepar sulph 200c potency is the common power benefits in the treatment of Pilonidal cyst. However, dosage and potency must confirm with your Homeopathic physician.

Paeonia Officinalis best Homeopathic remedy for the cure of Pilonidal cyst with bedsore:

This Homeopathic medicine in particular cures ulcers that form due to bedsores. In fact, Paeonia Officinalis benefit Pilonidal cyst formed because of pressure in bed-ridden patients. In addition, Itching and burning as from nettles indicate this remedy for the cure of Pilonidal sinus. Actually, the affected area is very sensitive and painful to touch as in Helper sulph.

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Some other homeopathy Medicines useful in the treatment of Pilonidal Sinus:

  1. Calcarea carb: Obese persons with profuse perspiration need this homeopathy remedy for Pilonidal sinus cure.
  2. Calcarea Sulph 6x: in fact, this is the topmost Homeopathic Biochemic, tissue salt, or cell salt for the absorption of pus from Pilonidal sinus.
  3. Arsenicum Album: Pilonidal cyst that formed after antibiotics, benefit with this Homeopathy medicine. Infected Pilonidal sinus with great weakness, thirst for little quantities of water in spite of chills indicates Arsenicum album.
  4. Sulphur: Great burning pains around the Pilonidal sinus with an unhealthy look guide us to use Sulphur Homeopathy for Pilonidal sinus.
  5. Graphites: In fact, Pilonidal cyst that formed after suppressed skin disease call for graphite.
  6. Phosphorus: In general, this Homeopathic remedy helps to cure Pilonidal sinus with severe bleeding.

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