petroleum homeopathy eczema

Indications of Petroleum homeopathy eczema:

Petroleum in homeopathy is also a very good remedy for eczema. Really, the petroleum is a homeopathy remedy that prepared from petrol. You might have observed the mechanics that are in constant touch with petrol develop eczema on hands and legs. This kind of petrol action on skin initiated the petroleum in homeopathy for the cure of Eczema.

petroleum homeopathy eczema

Let Us see how Petroleum cures eczema – The Homeopathic indications of Petroleum for Eczema:

  • Dry erections that turn into moist is the most important indication of Petroleum for Eczema in Homeopathy
  • The skin of petroleum Homeopathic eczema patient is very dry, cracked, and rough.
  • Thick and leathery skin due to dry eruptions is another indication of petroleum Homeopathic Eczema.
  • The most important future of petroleum Homeopathic Eczema is symptoms like cracks and dryness of skin that particularly aggravate during winter.
  • The cracks in case of Petroleum Homeopathic Eczema are deep and bloody painful.
  • The skin of petroleum Homeopathic eczema is very sensitive even it cannot bear a touch of cloth.
  • The Eczematous eruptions that turn into pus are a special indication of petroleum in Homeopathy for eczema.
  • Itching in case of Petroleum Homeopathic eczema is particularly at night. Little heat of bed produces intense itching in case of Petroleum Homeopathic Eczema. The patient of Eczema scratches the skin until it bleeds.


Petroleum Homeopathy Eczema patients can identify by following symptoms:

  • Great irresolution
  • Want of self-confidence
  • Anxiety and yielding mentality
  • Weeping at little things
  • A violent inclination to anger and scold


General indications of petroleum in homeopathy for Eczema:

  1. The symptoms of Eczema usually aggravate during winter and thunderstorms.
  2. The Eczema symptoms that are developed being stayed on seaside also indicates the use of petroleum in homeopathy for Eczema.
  3. Eczema that developed after the suppression of skin disease indicates the petroleum.
  4. Petroleum patients with Eczema usually experience the internal chill.


If above symptoms are matching then Petroleum is the best Homeopathic medicine for your Eczema.

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