How does Causticum 200 Homeopathy work?

Causticum 200 is a homeopathic medicine widely used for various health conditions.

Materials and Methods:

We did some research and Causticum 200c with the help of temperature data logger. Our main concept is the measurement of physiological variability in temperature. The temperature variability data are taken at the rate of one second. The point is that temperature sensor connected to the skin of forearm with the help of cellophane tape. Most important, readings are taken after 10 minutes of employment of Causticum 200c, 4 pills on the tongue.


The temperature variability data measured for 10 minutes. In fact, totally we have obtained 600 data points. In this case, using these 600 data points, we drew a line graph. The same data utilized for data analysis using SPSS software and auto signal.

Physiological Variability observed in two different persons after Causticum 200:

one sample collected on 08.01.2014,
another sample on 28.03.2015

Causticum 200 Research
Physiological Variability observed in two different persons after Causticum 200c


Observations and Results – Research on Causticum 200c:

The picture you are seeing he is an autoregressive spectrum of the above temperature variability data, obtained by means of employment of Causticum 200c. The most interesting thing, if you observed the two graphs there is much similarity.

The two graphs that you are seeing in the picture belong to two persons. In fact, Causticum 200 given to two individuals and the temperature variability data recorded. In this case, the similarity we are watching in this graph is, the distance between low-frequency wave and high-frequency wave are almost same when compared the two graphs of Causticum 200c.

Closely observe the rhythm produced by the Sympathetic and parasympathetic stimulus.Here  Causticum 200c maintained a rhythm in the biological signal, which is most specific to itself.


Conclusion – Research on Causticum 200c:

In conclusion, the thermograph experiments on causticum 200 will lead to the explanation of the question ‘how homeopathy works’. Moreover, the experiments of this kind will helpful for the identification of homeopathic medicine without the label. Furthermore, these experiments can helpful for the selection of similar homeopathic medicine for the patient without ambiguity.

In fact, this proves Homeopathic medicines signature, as well-disordered vital force signal can cache through our experiment of Physiological Variability.

This is the manner we could obtain a most specific pattern in biorhythm produced by an individual Homeopathic remedy.

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