Bryonia for Constipation

Dr.Bernard H, views on the action of Bryonia Homeopathic medicine in case of Constipation:

Hard, dry, large, burnt-looking stool particularly indicates Bryonia in cases of Constipation. The patient who needs Bryonia Alba does not feel any desire or urging for stool. He passes only a little quantity of stool that also after great straining and painful.

Bryonia for Constipation

The attending symptoms of Bryonia patients with constipation:

These patients inclined to be irritable with constipation and; easily angered. Headache with the heat of forehead and face in general call for in constipation cases. Congestions and pains in the head are the topmost characteristics of this Homeopathic medicine. Pulsative headache presents with pressive weight in the head and flashes of heat on the face. Faintness or nausea rising from a recumbent position. Feeling of fullness or pressure in the stomach and epigastric region after eating, this lasts for several hours. Appetite is wanting in Bryonia constipation patient or there may be canine hunger followed by nausea. The acidity of the stomach is also an important feature. With the gastric symptoms, there are oftentimes congestions to the head and chest, with short respiration, and chilliness. Pain in the region of the liver along with constipation often indicates Bryonia.

General symptoms of Bryonia patient with constipation:

This Homeopathic medicine is suitable for acute attacks of constipation occurring during the summer or in hot weather, or in those who are suffering from or liable to attacks of, rheumatism. For constipation, arising from disordered stomach Bryonia is the topmost remedy. Obstinate constipation often accompanied by other affections of the abdomen. For the constipation of pregnancy, but of more importance when it occurs in the lying-in woman Bryonia is the most useful Homeopathic remedy (frequently depending on an inflammatory irritation of the abdominal organs).

Bryonia 200c or 30c is serviceable in the constipation of infants, where the fecal masses are as large and hard as to give rise to painful evacuations. Where the condition is the result of sedentary habits and associated with bilious derangements and intestinal torpor, Bryonia uses for constipation are remarkable. Bryonia helps when Nux Vomica and Opium have failed to act. Practically it may be advantageous to alternate it with Nux Vomica, especially in constipation due to irritation or congestion of the intestine. The intestinal torpor must distinguish from the ineffectual efforts of Nux Vomica [and from the paralytic condition of Opium, Plumbum, etc.]

Dr.Rueckert quotes from Vehsem in relation to a case of constipation aggravated by purgatives in which Bryonia 3c succeeded after Nux Vomica 3c had failed. 

Clinical case study on Benefits of Bryonia Alba for Difficult in passing stool:

We give below two clinical cases which will show at the same time the analogies and differences between Bryonia Homeopathic medicine and Nux Vomica.

Dr. Schuler case study on Bryonia 10c for Constipation:

Mme. A., age 60 years, had suffered several years with chronic constipation. She had a stool only every eight days, and the excrement was as hard as stone. Torpor seemed to have seized the intestinal canal, for the motion, rarely felt in the lower part of the abdomen. As she addicted to the excessive use of coffee and led a partly sedentary life, I placed her for eight days under a preparatory regimen and prescribed chocolate instead of coffee. I finally administered a dose of Nux Vomica mother tincture. The remedy produced a stool, almost soft, every three days.

The organs of the lower abdomen seemed to be reanimated and rendered active in particular. There was an increased flatulency, a more tranquil state of mind, and a gayer disposition. The patient neglected to attempt a movement of the bowels every day, as I had recommended, the effects of the Nux ceased, and constipation returned. Two doses of Bryonia 10c at a long interval again removed the condition. She now has a stool every other day, soft in consistency and without pain.

Dr. Wiedman case study on Bryonia Alba 12c for Constipation:

A woman of delicate constitution, who also a subject of somnambulism and for the latter trouble, had bled every five or six weeks for the last two years. She had, at the most, a stool only every two weeks, except under the influence of a laxative or an injection. She was given ten drops of Nux Vomica 30c for six days. This patient had not had a stool, and at the end of four days more, she had a hard stool, which was accompanied by such severe pains that she was completely prostrated. Two days later, she had three stools without any pain. For five months from this time, the stools were regular. However, pregnancy occurring she was taken with frequent vomiting to which was again added constipation, and which was cured by means of a single globule of Bryonia 12c.

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