KENT : “The zinc patient is nervous and extremely sensitive, excitable, trembling, quivering, twitching of muscles, tearing pains along the course of the nerves, tingling, excited on the least provocation, oversensitive in one part and lack of feeling in another.”
 ”Feeble children, feeble girls, mind feeble, memory poor……if the child comes down with scarlatina or measles, it goes into a stupor. The eruption does not come out. There is a tendency to convulsions, drawing in the extremities, suppression of urine, rolling of the head from one side to the other and from stupor it goes into complete unconsciousness; inability to throw eruptions to the surface.”
 ”You will see come deep seated brain troubles that will try your patience. Some cases go slowly and gradually into unconsciousness; rolling of the head for days, eyes lustreless, body emaciated, involuntary discharges of feces and urine in the bed; tongue dry and parched, so shrivelled that it looks like leather; lips also; face withered and each day looks older; paralysis of one hand or one foot; or it seems that the whole muscular system is paralysed. Screaming put in pain but not so shrilly as in Apis. A dose of Zinc will sometimes bring the patient back to life. In a few days after the remedy there will be a jerking and quivering in the parts that were motionless, or its action will be shown in a copious sweat, much vomiting, sudden arousing that is alarming, for it looks like a threatened sinking but this is the beginning of reaction. Now, for days and nights, while this little one is coming back into consciousness, the restoration of sensation in the parts is accompanied with the most tormenting formication, tingling, prickling, creeping and crawling. The mother and the father and the neighbours will want something done for it, but if you antidote, the case will return to where it was before………You will see this in spinal meningitis.”
 ”The bell. Case will have flushed face, hot read rolling of the head, flashing eyes, throbbing carotids. The Bry. Case will be docile, stupid purple, sleepy; ameliorated by quiet. The Hell. Case will exhibit but little fever, cold extremities, tossing of the head, dilated pupils, unconsciousness, can hardly be aroused; rolling head from side to side, but when the reflexes are abolished, Zinc comes in.”
 ”After the relief from Gels., Bell., or Bry. Give Zinc.”
 ALLEN : “Incessant and violent fidgety feeling in feet, or lower extremities; must move them constantly.”
 ”Automatic motion of hands and feet, or one hand and head (Apoc., Bry., Hell.).”
 ”Child cries out during sleep; whole body jerks during sleep; wakes frightened stares, rolls the head from side to side; face alternately pale and red.”
 HERING : “Exanthematic fevers, brain exhausted, not able to develop eruption; fever in flashes or violent convulsions from suppressed eruptions.”
 ”Sensitive to others talking and to noise.”
 CLINICAL : Repercussed eruptive diseases; brain diseases from suppressed eruptions; typhoid, continued fever.
 POTENCY : Lowest to highest potencies. 200 and higher potencies in suppressed conditions.
 Incompatible : Wine, Cham., Nux-V.
 Preceded well by : Apis, Bell.
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