Dry, hard, insufficient, difficult; Dry, brittle, granulous; Large, formed stool.
 Before stool 
 Frequent and ineffectual desire for stool.
 During stool 
 Prolonged desire, which is only satisfied after great efforts, although the materials are soft; Emission of prostatic liquid; slight discharge of blood (with hard stool); Pressure and clawing in the anus; Painful evacuation (dry, sandy stools).
 After stool 
 Continued desire; Violent bearing down in the abdomen, relieved by passage of flatus up or down.
 Coated tongue or sometimes red, with projecting papillae. Dry mouth; sweetish taste in the mouth; degeneration of the gums, with aphthae. Red face during the act of digestion. Sour eructations; burning in the stomach; vomiting of mucus and bile; chronic vomiting of food with but little effort; flatulent colic, with emissions of hot, fetid flatulence. Intercurrent fever; accelerated pulse; skin dry. Difficult respiration. Rheumatic pains in the back and extremities.
 Hirschell calls attention to Zincum when the constipation is the effect of a spasmodic action of the intestines.
 Zincum has been recommended for hypochondriasis and chronic gastritis, and in the beginning and for the results of constipation.
 Hartmann recommends it for the constipation of the new-born, while Jahr places it in the second rank for constipation in general.
 Espanet says : Zincum is serviceable for certain venous congestions of the abdomen, with varices, constipation, and symptoms of gastritis or chronic enteritis, hypochondria, nervousness and extreme mental susceptibility.
 Boenninghausen writes : Wine, Nux vom. (and Chamomilla) increase the pains produced by Zincum, especially the night restlessness and constipation, and provoke their appearance. 

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