– By jay yasgur, r. ph., m. sc. 422 pp., $23.95 paperback vanhoy publishers 1998. reviewed by suzanne marlow fries

Sam_Yasgur_at_Woodstock-2975997-1 Yasgur's homeopathic dictionary and holistic health reference (4th Edition)
SAM Yasgur’s

 Jay Yasgur’s new Homeopathic Dictionary and Holistic Health Reference is a wonderful asset to any zealous homeopath’s library. It is an immediate reference for quick, detailed definitions of the words we frequently stumble upon in practice or study. This dictionary provides engaging and accessible reading material.
 Containing more than 4000 modern and archaic definitions, including scientific terminology as it relates to homeopathy, Yasgur has given us a complete research guide by including prefixes, suffixes and compound words-the foundation of much medical language. The included pronunciation guide of the remedies may finally allow us all to pronounce “Lachesis” correctly. Under the heading of “symptoms” there are nine pages of explanations from the “concomitant” to the “peculiar.” Words we come upon so often in the older literature can now be easily accessed. To complement each specific entry, Yasgur is careful to include, not only the origin of the words, but also to reference his sources, giving the definitions more depth and reliability.
 Much research has gone into the fourth edition of Yasgur’s Homeopathic Dictionary and Holistic Health Reference. It also includes a glossary of alternative therapies, and a list of homeopathic pharmacies. In “A Selected Homeopathic Obituary,” the true homeopathic scholar will be intrigued with the names, dates and accomplishments written about so many that pioneered before us. A telling gauge of how far homeopathic references have come is apparent when reviewing the included “A Dictionary of Homeopathy-1921. ” This colorful and attractive paperback is large enough to lay open on a desk, and yet small enough to take with you.
 One could look at Yasgur’s Homeopathic Dictionary and Holistic Health Reference as the ultimate and concise guide for every student, health care practitioner, and dedicated homeopath. 

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