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Bronchitis Homeopathic Remedy Finder

'Causticum'is an excellent Homeopathic remedy for chronic and acute bronchitis. The persons who need this remedy are generally lean or moderate. Muscles are stiff and fibrous. Hyper excitable with short temper in nature. I suggest you to take just 2 pills of Causticum 200c and stop. Wait for 10 days.
'Antimonium Tartaticum'

'Antimonium Tartaricum' is very good remedy for Bronchitis. Rattling sounds in chest while coughing is peculiar. The patient always feel sleepy with cough. If you have drowsiness with chronic or acute cough, you need to take this remedy. I suggest you to take just 2 pill of Antimonium tart 200c and stop taking. Keep watch the symptoms of cough for at least 3 days.
'Drosera Rotundifolia'

'Drosera' is most useful remedy in Bronchitis cases. The nature of cough is deep with loss of voice. I suggest you to take just 2 pills of Drosera 200c and wait for 3 days.
'Hepar Sulphuricum'

'Hepar Sulph' is most frequently indicated remedy in acute bronchitis cases. I suggest you to take just 2 pills of Hepar Sulph 200c and stop. Wait for at least one day. Those people who need Hepar sulph are chilly patients. Feel discomfort in cold air and weather.
'Natrum Sulphuricum'

'Natrum Sulphuricum' is most indicated remedy in Chronic Bronchitis cases. You need to take just 2 pills of Nat Sulph 200c and wait for 10 days. It works great in those who suffer from lung diseases since long.

'Phosphorus' is well known remedy for Bronchitis in Homeopathy. It works wonderfully in Chronic Bronchitis cases. I suggest you to take just 2 pills of Phosphorus 200c and wait for 15 days. Phosphorus people are lean,tall and sensitive, refined personalities.

Pulsatilla is one of the great Homeopathic remedy for Bronchitis. These people are generally mild and gentle and yielding in nature.
'Spongia Tosta'

Spongia is an excellent remedy to cure Bronchitis. Breathing difficulties are very prominent in this. Like taking air through sponge.
'Stannum Metallicum'

Stannum metallicum is good remedy for bronchitis. These people are very weak. Feeling weakness in chest. always wants to sit instead of standing.
'Kalium Bichromicum'

'Kalium Bichromicum' is an excelent remedy for Bronchitis. It very much useful in cases where sinus complaints turned into Bronchitis. I suggest you to take just 2 pills of Kali bich 200c and wait at least for 4 days.
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