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The  following  diseases  can  be  cured completely and permanently with one single pill of the homoeopathic remedy viz., Crotalus-horridus-10M.

Crotalus horridus
Crotalus horridus remedy for blood clots

Hepatitis b-virus, Infective hepatitis (Jaundice), Jaundice after blood transfusion, Septicaemia, Haemophilia (Bleeders), uncomplicated cases of Leukaemia. Many readers may ask as to how one and the same remedy can cure many diseases. Dear reader, the terminology used in homoeopathy is something different from all other medical systems. The key-note for use of the above said remedy is as under:

DISEASES  OF  BLOOD  THAT  THREATEN  THE LIFE OF THE PATIENT can be cured completely and permanently with one single pill of the homoeopathic remedy Crotalus horridus. We have cured the above diseases with one single pill of Crotalus-horridus-10M. No need to repeat at all. Rate of success: more than 95%.
There   are   no   ‘theories’  or  ‘principles  of practice’ in homoeopathy.  [We find in the market books on principles and theories of homoeopathy!] Everything is practical and practical only.  It is like learning swimming or car driving.  To learn swimming you are first made to get into the water. You do not read a book on swimming page after page sitting at home;  so also, to learn car driving, you are first made to sit on wheels!

Without  a  good  teacher  along  with  actual cases seen with our naked eyes it is impossible to learn homoeopathy.    Let us now explain this:

In the remedy Lycopodium we read, “in nearly all cases where Lycopodium is the remedy some evidence of urinary or digestive disturbance will be found.”  (Boericke’s Mat. Med.)  Does this mean that the remedy Lycopodium is not useful in other diseases?    The meaning of this is something different and unless a very  good teacher is by your side you may not understand its significance.

Case:  A  mind-affected  person  of  forty-five years stopped going to office.  Even for going to
the toilet he wants the company of someone etc. During case taking, the patient remarked: “Doctor, do not give medicine for my mind.  Give me medicine to improve my stomach, digestion etc. Only when my stomach gets upset do all the mind symptoms flare up.”

Gossypium- emmenagogue
Gossypium  A  powerful  emmenagogue

Again, under the remedy Gossypium we read, “A  powerful  emmenagogue…”  (Boericke).   What does this mean?  We only cure the patient and so delayed or suppressed menses would be cured and the  patient  would  start  getting  regular  menses. Only by seeing an actual case can one learn the meaning and significance of what Boericke means.

Case:    A   forty   year   old   lady   walked   in complaining  of  breathlessness,  body  pain  etc. Since  whatever  she  told  was  vague  we  asked about her menses.  Immediately she spurted out, “Doctor, only when my monthly periods is delayed I get all these bloated feeling in abdomen, body pain etc.  Therefore,  better give me medicine to regularize the monthly cycle.”

Boericke’s mat. med. is written in the language of the patient.

Unless you are an unprejudiced observer and you carefully listen to the patient, you cannot have any success.

A case well taken is half cured. 
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