women with fibroid

A Woman with fibroid Uterus – Homeopathic Case Study:

A 45 yrs old woman came to my clinic, in March ‘13, with a complaint of irregular menses, ..which are too early, profuse flow with clotted, dark bleeding for 3 months. Said that her menses are 15 days once, starts with a heavy flow of dark clotted bleeding, and lasts for 10 days until she takes allopathic medications. She is extremely weak with the bleeding, feels exhausted, anxious, and depressed. Pain is in the lower abdomen, which radiates to back. In addition, Sensation is as if burning in the back. The woman is seeking homeopathy treatment for her fibroid uterus

woman with fibroid

Associated symptoms:

Along with the bleeding, she has a loss of appetite and constipation, dryness of tongue, but less thirst. The fullness of the stomach is on eating small quantities and easy satiety during her menses. Flow is more during the daytime and associated with dizziness and headache with burning in both eyes. When her Gynecologist, told her to go for an ultrasound, on 5 March 2013 – it found that there is subserosal fibroid attached to the posterior wall with dimensions of 3.4 and 5 cms.


It is a known case of Hypertension and anti-hypertensive medicines. She was hospitalized many times with sudden attacks of breathlessness and hypertension. Father is diabetic and the mother suffers from hypertension.

General Symptom of the women with fibroid uterus:

Appetite is reduced, the sensation of fullness in the stomach on taking a small amount of food. Belching and burning in the stomach. Desires for spicy and salty food, and is intolerant to sour food. Thirst is not much with dryness of tongue. Bowels constipated, hard stools, urine increased, need to urinate for a short time and if she is tensed, she has to urinate. Sweat is more, on slight exertion, with the foul smell. Sleep disturbed with irrelevant thoughts, dreams as if her relative or closed one is dead. She snores during sleep.  

Thermally she is intolerant to hot weather and comfortable in cold, rainy weather. She is dark in complexion, overweight, looking more aged than her age. Then is tensed on looking at me and took a long time to explain her problems. She is smiling during the conversation. When I asked about her personal life, she said everything fine and she is quite happy and she is doesn’t like to tell her personal problems. After talking to her for a long time, she started trusting me and told her problems.

Family history: of the woman with fibroid uterus:

She hails from a middle-class family; she is younger in her family. Father was an alcoholic and he used to fight with others and never worked, so there was a financial crisis in the family. For that, she could not able to study further. She started working in primary school with a very less salary. Her elder sisters’ marriages were done with very difficulty. As she is not much studied and she is dark in complexion, nobody came for her to marry. Her mother used to insult her and always used to scold her that she is a burden to her.

She couldn’t able to react as she knows what is the reality and she tries to understand her mother and try to forget about her marriage. Her elder brother was not in a position to take responsibility and at the same time, her sister-in-law used to insult her for small matters. She used to get angry, but she did not express it. In the night, she used to think about the day and used to feel bad. She was hurt but she does not like to express it.

A marital history of the woman with fibroid uterus:

At last, she got married to a person who is 11yrs older than her. However, her husband is emotionally dependent on his parents; he used to suspect her for small matters. He used to quarrel with her and not talking to her for months. Her in-laws also quarrel with her for unnecessary matters and she could not able to understand what wrong she has done. Her husband never allowed her to go to her mother’s place. She quietly tried to understand others and waited for her good time. The women never let others think that she is unhappy. She tried to understand others and she is sympathetic towards other problems. Even though she has a lot of troubles, she will listen to others and try to resolve their problems by talking to them politely.

She cries in the nights but she will not let the others understand. She was happy with what she got. Now slowly her husband started understanding her. Now he is allowing her to go to her mother’s place. He is trying to understand her trouble. When she is anxious and think about anything, immediately her health problems are increasing. She feels relieved if anyone talks to her nicely. She gets anxiety thinking about the future about her son’s future life, as her husband about to retire from govt work soon

Analysis of the case of the woman with fibroid uterus: and prescription of Homeopathic medicine

On analyzing the symptoms, she is quite a polite woman with a good heart, she is very much interactive but anxious about talking to strangers. She is comfortable with known people. The woman broods on her complaints and does not like to share with others easily, not that she will not trust anybody but she does not like to suffer others telling her story.

She will wait for her good time and she feels that one day her problem will resolve and she mostly try to avoid a difficult situation. The woman is intolerant to hot, easy satiety, the fullness of stomach, dry tongue with thirstlessness. Desire is for salty and spicy foods. I gave her Natrum Mur 1 m 1 dose on 10 March, 13. In addition, told her to come after 15 days, on 29th March she came again saying that her menstrual troubles reduced, flow arrested, pain relieved. I gave her sac lac and told her to come after 1 month.


The result after Homeopathic medicine for the woman with fibroid uterus:

On 11 April’13, she came saying that her menses become regular, her stomach fullness also reduced. I told her to repeat the ultrasound after 1 month. In May, she came back with an ultrasound pelvis, saying that, fibroid size reduced to 1.5 and 2.5 cms. She is still on treatment and there are no significant problems in her health conditions. Finally, Natrum Muriaticum 1m a dose for fibroid uterus did wonder and cured her case permanently.

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Dr Sunitha Devi , Vannemreddy M.D(Hom).
Dr.Suneetha devi V is a Homeopathic physician and the author of many popular articles on Homeopathy at www.homeoresearch.com. She did MD Homeopathy at JSPS Homeopathic medical college, Hyderabad, India.
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2 years ago

Sir, Now I am suffering from dry cough and breathing problem since November 2017. I hv irritation on left side of throat and dry cough which causes weekness in middle of chest and in arms too. Trembling sensation in both arms and legs after coughing. This breathlessness happened when I was eating something while walking and talking.suddenly I felt that breath was not coming and I scared a lot. After sometime I got breath.and went to allopathic.he told that u hv a cough allergy. So since then no relief. Breath stops suddenly for a second.even while sleeping it happens too… Read more »

2 years ago


I have fibriods in uterus since long back and now menses is long lasting at least 10 days and flow is just like water tap .thin and some time clotted ,bright red

2. Long back pain history and sciatica but now have relief
3. I can not walk fast ,. On fast walking gets breathing problem
4. Works slow and steady and walks too

Suggest me some remedy for menses

Sms Hasan
Sms Hasan
3 years ago

Dear sir,

Few Homeopaths claim: Aconite Nap Q, Belladona Q are very dangerous and they should not be given to any patient. People may die from taking them in Mother Tincture form.

Another Group of Homeopaths claim: Nothing wrong in prescribing those Mother Tinctures if they are not used in Lethal doses. For example: Aconite Nap Q can be taken in the morning,1 dose a day, 3 drops a dose – for High BP … etc.

What’s your comment sir in this regard? Which group is correct?


Sms Hasan

Dr.Devendra Kumar MD(Homeo)
Reply to  Sms Hasan

Using Aconite and Belladonna in mother tincture form is not face in the hands of a mature Homeopath. It needs great experience to handle such mother tinctures prepared from poisonous plants.