gregory_bedayn-2 Welcome to volume four of the American Homeopath Annual Review

Welcome to volume four of the American Homeopath Annual Review which I have dedicated to Harris Coulter (front cover) and Martha Oelman (rear cover). As many of you already know, Harry suffered a debilitating stroke from which he has been recuperating steadily under homeopathic care. The National Center for Homeopathy’s irreplaceable Martha Oelman was found mysteriously murdered-a tragic loss felt deeply by the entire homeopathic community.
 I would like you to welcome my new co-editors, Kim Baker, Carolyn Hallett, and Chris Ellithorpe, whom I’ve asked to come aboard to help me produce this annual review. Kim set up the NASH website and is a kindred-practitioner, sharing many of my own views on where homeopathy has been, and where it is going. Kim lives with his daughter and practices in Sunnyvale, California. With short notice, Carolyn Hallett jumped in as co-editor for this issue and was a timely Godsend. Carolyn is a busy lawyer-mom-homeopathy student in Denver, Colorado. Chris studied homeopathy in the ’70’s with Bill Grey, Robert Stewert, and others and is a homeopathic historian of note. Kim, Carolyn, and Chris are already valuable assets to this publication. Thanks to April Lynn for her proofreading assistance.
 In April, NASH produced its first case-conference, in New York City, with mostly “RSHomies” presenting. ALL homeopaths and students are invited to attend NASH conferences.
 Many have assisted selflessly and instantly with the production of this annual review. Thanks to Karen Allen, RSHom (NA) for being instrumental with the NASH newsletter and advertising duties for AH, and to Miranda Castro, FSHom, (UK), RSHom (NA), and staff, for their endless communications. This year, Rowan Jackson completed interviews with Louis Klein, Martin Miles, David Mundy, and Jan Scholten. Julian Winston was able to interview David Little right before David moved to India. Melanie Grimes, RSHom (NA), interviewed Henny Heudens-Mast, from the Netherlands; NESH’S Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenburg were interviewed by Rochelle Jobs; John Melnychuk interviewed Britain’s Misha Norland and I was able to interview our own Val Ohanian, amidst her busy schedule.
 Special thanks to Mavis Mark, of the Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada, for her accounting for, and photographs of the White Raven. Also special thanks to author Tony Angell and his publisher, the University of Washington Press, for allowing us to quote text, and scan-in art from Tony’s magnificent book: Ravens, Crows, Magpies, and Jays. Thanks to Roger Purdue of Whidby Island, WA, for his original Raven Art. Many thanks to Jessica Jackson, L. Ac. for doing an excellent job of extracting the body of meaning from the Raven proving-and special thanks to the Raven’s-blood provers: Leslie Kalish, Marsha Crawford, Alake, Sabina Wyss, Heather Knox, Christine Ciavarella, Sarah Nielsen, and Chris Miller. I dedicate the Raven proving to my mother, the late Barbra Bedayn, International Orinithologist, par excellence. Many thanks to those who contributed articles and reviews, and thanks to all of our advertisers-it is because of you that I am able to publish this review. I am excessively proud of the front cover oil painting of Harris Coulter, and grateful to our staff artist, Susan Lowell, for creating it. Artist Gary Amaro produced the hilarious cartoons.
 Most of all, I am grateful to my medical advocates; Dr. Roger Morrison, Dr. Richard Jenkins, Dr. Richard Pitcairn, Dr. Ray Yay, Dr. Jerrold Kram, Dr. Wai Bong Lok, Claire Green, ND, and especially to my homeopaths; Jessica Jackson, Oscar Fernandez, and Dr. Paul Herscu-you have given me exceptional health-care, thank you one and all.
 Greg Bedayn, Editor 

Dr.Devendra Kumar MD(Homeo)
International Homeopathic Consultant at Ushahomeopathy
I am a Homeopathic Physician. I am practicing Homeopathy since 20 years. I treat all kinds of Chronic and Acute complaints with Homeopathic Medicines. Even Emergency conditions can be treated with Homeopathy if case is properly managed. know more about me and my research on my blog
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