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vitallevel The Vital Approach - Level 5: The Vital Level

This level beyond mind and body could be interpreted as the cross point between this aspect of us that is a sparkle of the spirit and the individual and unique organism that we are.

Because we try to prescribe in line with Hahnemann on basis of the most possible similarity of the picture of the disturbance, we try to prescribe on the vital level.

Time and again Hahnemann writes that disease is nothing but a dynamic derangement in our spirit like vital body which shows itself in the sensations and functions of the mind and body. He also states that when all these expressions of mind and body have been removed nothing of the disease remains since it was immaterial in the first place.

Level 5 is also called the sensation level (Sankaran et al): it is the level of the deepest awareness of one self. It is not a thought, for that would be a product of the psyche (Level) but it shapes thoughts and emotions, energy and physical functions and actions.

Level 5 is the realm of the individuality.

It is the blueprint of the person and it contains the experience of the self. Because it is so intimate and so obvious, so natural to the person, it never needs to be verbalized and when asked to, many people struggle to make it explicit. Again: we have techniques for that and I will go into them in the chapter on case taking.

The unique emergence of a person is composed of many aspects, it is like an orchestra and in the healthy state they all play harmoniously together. They provide an instrument that can be used for the higher purposes of our existence, described so well in aphorism 9.

We are born with this vital sensation and it remains as an integral part of us throughout our lifetime. This is a fact. In the same way that our set of parents (genetic), our place and date of birth (astrological), gender, place in the family, (nurture), constitution (miasm), family history (family constellation), will never change: these are the facts of our life.

From this it follows that everybody has a vital level. Is everybody disturbed or diseased then? Obviously there are gradations. We all have a vital sensation but can feel happy and free and enjoying good physical health and energy. In that case the vital level seems quite undisturbed and doesn’t produce signs and symptoms in the mind and body. If so it is a sure sign that there is some disturbance on the vital level expressing itself on order to be helped. From this point of view disease symptoms are our chance to be healed.

Some people however aren’t capable of describing this vital experience, babies and small children can’t talk and for most children under 12, it will be difficult for them to give enough nuance in their speech for the homeopath to be able to clearly discern the vital sensation.

What to do?

The answer to this question can be found by using the scheme and the knowledge that expressions are always to be found. All Levels All of the Time

The vital sensation expresses itself on all levels all of the time. The skill of the homeopath is to differentiate these expressions from the bulk of information we get from the patient. How do we know which information is useful and reliable (because it is vital) and which information is not?

In general: information that only covers one level is local, be it on Level 1, 2, 3 or 4. When coming from the vital level the information makes a coherent pattern throughout different levels. The focus of the symptomatology may be on just one level, but even this must pervade other levels and somehow connect. For instance: the main rubrics point to the same remedy, the dream is the tailpiece that gives sense to all other symptoms in the case, the vital sensation is backed up by the proving symptoms etc. In the best cases: all different ways of approaching the case will lead to the same conclusion/remedy. In these cases we know we are making a solid prescription.

The levels of experience in each person allow us to determine the image or pattern of their vital disturbance.

Let’s take the levels in more detail to know how to differentiate vital information from common information:

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