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 The other four levels are expressions of what is disturbed on Level 5.

On Level 5 we are not looking for a thought or conviction but for an experience. Strange as it may sound, it is the way the person experiences himself and thus the outside world.

Because the medium of homeopathy is language we have to convey this by words and language is a faculty of the brain. In other words: we have to use Level measures. Even when the patient uses hand gestures or body language in general, is still is language and has to be translated in words, in order to make explicit what the patient has shown us.

The vital disturbance can be expressed in many ways: by singing, dancing, drawing, art, movements etc., but homeopathy is based on communication through language: it is a therapeutic system using observation and talking.

We know for sure we touched the vital disturbance when we hear it on different levels: the same thing expressed in mind and body, albeitin a coded form. ‘The same thing’ can be literally the same sensation (for instance the body feels injured and the mind feels hurt) or important rubrics on different levels pointing to the same remedy.

It’s possible to make a vital prescription with symptoms on only one level but we usually have many remedies listed in our repertories and we know they are, no matter how detailed the repertory, still incomplete. If we want to make a prescription that is not in our known remedies, we first have to understand the vital disturbance and then look for the similar remedy picture.

This is where we can find tremendous help by analyzing according to large groups before we come down to subgroups and species.

The same story and even the same thoughts about the story can be experienced in different ways. For example: breaking up a relationship which may be considered as an insult by the other person, can be perceived as a crumbling away from security, stability, role or status in the community by the patient. In that case we would suspect a mineral remedy. It may be experienced as a sudden unexpected shock by which the person is totally scattered: a sensation from the plant family. Or it may be experienced as a defeat, a lost fight in which the person is victimized by the other person’s cruelty and we would look for an animal remedy. These experiences are not thought but are one level ‘deeper’ and they will pervade any circumstance, domain, anecdote, story, dream, and pathology in the persons’ life.

Only on the vital level can we discern the kingdom and miasm.

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